How to Draw a Griffin Cartoon

Griffin cartoon character drawing

For our second fantasy lesson, I just had to go with the griffin (also spelled ‘gryphon’ or ‘griffon’) – by far one of my favorite creatures of this type.

As you may already know – griffins are magical creatures of mythology that have the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion… definitely something that’s fun to draw!

Now – the one you’re going to draw here in this lesson, isn’t exactly the rough n’ tough war-like beast that you may have come to know them as. Nope – this little guy’s small cute and cuddly – and as a result, much easier to create.

Something to keep in mind – this is one of many many MANY interpretations as to how griffins can be drawn. I could have – and often do, draw things in different ways. Perhaps after working through this lesson, you’ll come up with some new ideas as to how else a griffin can look and be drawn.

Let’s begin!

First Step – Map Out the Shape

Drawing a framework is a good idea before you begin with the finalized drawing. It’s always good to have a plan, and the framework is just that — a blueprint for how you plan on going about your drawing.

Here’s something I came up with to help get the job done…

Drawing a simple two circle griffin framework Adding details to the griffin framework

The grey lines above and on the right, map out distinct features of the griffin. Can you visualize these features? Eye, beak, wing, feet, tail — each is marked accordingly.

Finished your lightly-sketched framework and then, let’s continue…

Second Step – Sequence for Drawing Griffins

Alright – take a look at the examples below. Here, I’ll show you step-by-step, the ideal order to bring your drawing into view, based on the framework we’ve created.

The head is the best place to start things off. Take a look at the head I’ve drawn below. Note the ‘feathered ears‘ coming off the sides of the head. Basically – this is the only extra feature you need to draw – everything else is just your basic everyday eagle head! And, if you need some guidance to draw one, check out the Cartoon Eagle drawing lesson.

Drawing the head of the griffin Drawing the wing of the griffin

The wing is the next thing to draw – and it’s pretty straight forward. Use the grey curved line to form the wing as you like. Do something different than what I’ve drawn – perhaps some more curvy-looking feathers instead of the spiky-looking ones in mine.

After the wing, go ahead and sketch in the limbs – foot and arm, and then finish things off with the body and tail…

Drawing the feet of the griffin Drawing the body of the cartoon griffin

And that’s pretty much it! Once you get to this phase of your drawing, it’s time to wrap things up with some detail, and then if desired — some color as well.

And so, let’s go ahead and do just that…

Cartoon drawing of a griffin

Final Step – Drawing Complete!

Looking at the final drawing, you can see that I’ve mirrored the front arm and the wing. I’ve also added some pupils. In your case, you may find some other things to add – experiment and see what you can come up with.

Now, because it’s half eagle and half lion – it’s a good idea to color your drawing in whites, browns, tans, etc. Up top, you can see I’ve finished mine as a bald eagle with the white head.

Anything else? Well, when you’re all finished, you may even want to draw it again a couple times… perhaps make some changes in areas such as the size of the wings, curvature of the beak, length of the body, etc.

Good work on the griffin and see you again soon for another fantasy drawing lesson!