Create Grim Reaper Drawings

Grim reaper drawings cartoon

Here I’d like to show you how to create your own grim reaper drawings, ones that you can alter in a number of different ways to look the way you like.

So then, what sort of things come to mind when you think of the grim reaper? A skull, a long black cloak… a sickle? Sure – all of these things. And yes – you’ll be drawing them all very soon!

In the final drawing to your right, you’ll notice I’ve included all of these features – an hour glass too for added touch. In your case, as your working through this lesson I encourage you to incorporate your own personal touch and style.

Something to first note, the framework I used to help with the structuring of this drawing is extremely simple – just a circle and a triangle. This gives you ample space to come up with and implement your own ideas in the form of the lines that you draw. For sure, use my examples to help you along – but also, do your best to ‘branch off’ and do your own thing.

Let’s begin!

First Step – Draw an Ultra-Simple Grim Reaper Framework

Grim reaper drawings of all different sorts can be broken down or visualized as just a couple simple shapes – a circle and a triangle. Sure, more shapes would be helpful as they provide even more guidance. But here, I purposely kept things as basic as possible, perhaps giving you a different perspective when it comes to drawing with frameworks.

Check it out, a grim reaper drawing framework as simple as ever…

Simple shapes for drawing a cartoon grim reaper Creating a framework for a grim reaper drawing

You know, you really can have a lot of fun with this lesson. Just take a look at the size of the circle in relation to the triangle beneath. Up top, my finished version kind of resembles a Jawa from Star Wars. Would you agree? 🙂 You could give your grim reaper a really big head if you wanted and a smaller body. Just reverse the sizes. You could even make the triangle to appear taller. See what you can come up with!

So then, get your framework ready for the next phase… do this and then let’s continue!…

Second Step – Drawing the Head of Your Grim Reaper

In drawing the head of your grim reaper, the hooded part of the cloak makes it so that you don’t have to put too much emphasis on the face — if you don’t want to. Actually, you can omit the face altogether if you like! Simple leave leave a long ovular space, filling it in with black later on. This’ll give your grim reaper a very mysterious look.

Here’s a nice little walk through for how to draw the head…

Drawing the head of the grim reaper Drawing the skull of the grim reaper Drawing the skull and hood of the grim reaper Drawing the hood of the grim reaper

In drawing a skull/face for your grim reaper, it helps to make use of a cross, similar as you would do with other drawings that require a face. You can position the cross differently too if you like. Make it face straight on for an easier task. Oh, and for a really simple skull drawing tutorial, please click here.

Once the head’s done, it’s time to move on the rest of the body…

Final Step – Ideal Sequence for Creating Grim Reaper Drawings

The hands – if this was a 3D image, would be closest to you. So it’s a good idea to draw them first. And this of course is much easier because you’ve already mapped out their position. You can draw the cloak in later, once other details are taken care of.

OK then. Take a look at the eight different examples below. Use them to create your grim reaper drawing, and do your best at keeping to the sequence that I use…

Drawing the hands of the grim reaper Drawing the sickle and hour glass

Drawing the lower part of the grim reaper Drawing the sleeves of the grim reaper

Drawing the arms of the grim reaper Drawing the body of the grim reaper

Drawing the lower part of the grim reaper Drawing the feet of the cartoon grim reaper

The key point with regard to the examples above is sequence. Draw your grim reaper in very close to the same sequence as I do above, and with some practice – you’ll be happy with the results!

And so, this is one way to come up with your own grim reaper drawings. Hope you enjoyed the lesson and of course, come on back soon for another!