How to Draw Gover from Sesame Street

Cartoon drawing of Grover from Sesame Street

If Grover ever had a look that made you remember him the most – it’d definitely be the the Super one. Sporting an orange cape and a bascinet… this look forever engraved this character in my memory! 🙂

In drawing this Sesame Street character – pay close attention to the sequence of steps. As always – it’s only a guide from which to extract and incorporate ideas into your own. But sequence here is paid close attention to… and if you’re up for a ‘one-shot-no-erase-deal’… then it helps even more.


First Step – Super Grover is Poised to Fly!

Ready to fly, sketch out a simple arrangement – a blueprint if you will… before you get to the actual drawing part. All in all, it’s a simple way in helping you spend less time worrying about proportion, and more time on the creative process. In turn, this can increase your confidence for future runs…

…and those future runs are a must when it comes to improvement! 😉

In four steps…

Simple shapes for drawing Grover Adding arms and legs to Grover's framework Marking off Grover's hands and feet in the framework Drawing Grover's hat and cape

The purple swooping line outlines the path of his soon-to-be cape. Use it as a central point, a ‘line of best fit’ as you deviate off and around it when it comes time to place the line.

And we’re drawing…

Second Step – How to Draw SUPER Grover !!!

To begin drawing this character – that nose needs to be placed first. After the eyes are in, move on up to his bascinet (medieval helmet – as it’s called in the 13th century anyway…) – and sketch in the parts you think are necessary at this point.

From the head on down, here are the steps. Take your time… get creative… have fun!

Drawing Grover's face Drawing Grover's hat Drawing the top part of Grover's head Drawing Grover's lower mouth Drawing Grover's ties Drawing Grover's hands Drawing Grover's neck area Drawing Grover's arms Drawing Grover's body Drawing Grover's legs Drawing Grover's feet Drawing Grover's cape Black and white drawing of Grover Cartoon drawing of Grover from Sesame Street

Another fantastic combo of orange and blue. What a neat Sesame Street character he is – especially in this wardrobe. Brings back the memories of the show for sure!

Well, that wraps up another Sesame Street lesson… but I’m thinking we’ve got time for one more – a toss up between the Count, Snuffle Upagus, and Bert & Ernie.

We’ll see!