How to Draw Holly

Holly cartoon drawing

This lesson – how to draw holly — is a bit of an ‘add-on’ to the Cartoon Bell lesson from previous.

As mentioned before, this little plant snippet looks great when fastened to the top of a bell, making for a really nice-looking Christmas decoration.

Then again, it’s also quite nice just by itself – or fastened to a number of other ‘Christmasy’ type things.

A snowman, a gift, a sleigh, a wreath… take your pick!

Here’s the lesson…

First Step – Draw a Bundle of Holly Berries & Map Out the Leaves

As mentioned above, what you’re drawing here is only a ‘snippet’ of the actual plant. After all… that’s how you’d normally see it displayed – in the form of a Christmas decoration.

Starting from the inside out – and somewhat similar to how you’d draw the top of a palm tree, here’s how to begin…

Drawing the berries for the holly Planning for the leaves of the holly drawing

Start with a small bundle of berries (three works very nicely), and after that – draw some curved lines branching from outward and away from the bundle. Keep your branches at either two or three… no less and well – in my opinion – no more.

Got the first part complete? Great! On to the other part…

Second (and final) Step – Simple Repeating Concave Leaves

Once you’ve got your paths drawn – one for each leaf you intend to add, drawing the leaves is nice and simple. And to guide you through the first leaf, I’ll refer to the one at the bottom left in the example below.

Beginning at the lower-left end of the lower-left leaf line – and following along the TOP of the line first, draw a series of four concave arcs running towards the bundle of berries that you drew previously…

Drawing the leaves of the holly Christmas cartoon Cartoon drawing of holly for a Christmas decoration

Then – with the top section of your first leaf drawn, continue with the other/lower/closer side of the leaf in the same fashion. Begin out at the far left tip once again, and draw another series of concave arcs. Note! Regarding the lower/closer section of each leaf (those that are positioned more horizontally)… make sure its thicker than the other half. Helps to give your holly a neat ‘3D’ look.

And, when one leaf’s complete – move on to draw the other one or two – depending on how many you’ve got!

Last thing to do — erase the underlying lines, color it, and fasten it to your cartoon bell from the previous lesson.

And that’s how to draw holly!