How to Draw a Honey Bear

Honey bear cartoon image

When I saw my first Kinkajou in Costa Rica (AKA ‘Honey Bear’ – let’s keep calling it this!) – it sort of looked like a cross between a monkey and a cat. It was really cool… and super agile too might I add, as it easily navigated through the tree tops overhead — never seen anything quite like it!

Did you know?… these little guys love to eat figs! They make up a huge chunk of their diet. And also – they’re nocturnal. It’s very rare that people spot them.

To the drawing board!

How to Draw a Honey Bear

Starting out – go ahead and map out your shapes – on paper or in mind – similar to how I’ve done here. Notice – I’ve gone again for that ever-popular 3/4ish tilt – the grey lines help to better suggest this…

Framework for drawing a honey bear

Bright colors for key features – yes – it’s all about that tongue! Actually – honey bears are known to also eat ants… I’m guessing that’s where such a long ‘anteaterish’ tongue comes in handy. 🙂

Here’s how it looks…

Completed framework for drawing a honey bear

These days, I’ve been getting a lot more comfortable with using a graphics tablet – and in the process… am finding the lines I lay down are just like the ones that would show up on paper. It’s such a neat tool – I highly recommend you grab one.

OK – beginning with the eye (left one) – and then the snout… here’s an idea of how you can begin forming the face of your animal…

Drawing the eye and nose of a honey bear

Like bats and owls – this nocturnal animal’s got bigger eyes – better for seeing at night I’m sure. Right away – a blast of ‘cuteness’ enters the drawing below – as we know… bigger eyes help to convey that baby/animeish look…

Drawing the face of a honey bear

Of course – this honey bear’s got to have a long tongue sticking out like so...

Completing the head of a honey bear cartoon

OK – we’re all done the head now – let’s move on down to the lower body. Begin forming the leg – and while you’re at it (no obstructions to account for)… draw in the tail as well…

Drawing the leg and tail of a honey bear

Looking good! Perched up like a squirrel – it makes sense to tackle the lines/areas in this order. Is it the only way? – No! Not at all. I encourage you to draw your own unique version of a honey bear/kinkajou – however you like. Here in these lessons of course – it’s fun for me to share my own unique ideas with you.

I hope my take on things helps you progress! 🙂

Drawing a honey bear cartoon character

And as we all know… these guys LOVE figs! So in its right hand – we’ve got a bit of a finger/thumb pinch going on… makes for an easily drawn fig that will fit in no problem at all.

Completing a honey bear cartoon drawing

Minus any guidelines – they can be really helpful with structure!… here’s what we’ve got in the end. Actually, remember to check out the ‘Coloring Pages’ section here on the site as well.

You can find ‘re-vamped’ versions of the line drawings of each lesson – making for a really cool coloring page.

Black and white drawing of a honey bear

Colored – fig in hand – here’s our honey bear!…

Cartoon drawing of a honey bear

And there you have it – hey – thanks for helping me decide this week’s lesson… this was a really fun one to create.

I hope you enjoyed it… and of course!… see you real real soon for another.