How to Draw a Ball, for the Beach!

How to draw a beach ball image

Yup – it’s a beach ball alright. But truly, even though learning how to draw a ball may be simple, there are lots of circumstances where we’d like to see it look more ‘real’ – ‘spherical’ – 3D!!

Here, in this fairly simple drawing lesson – let’s go ahead and do just this. Let’s take a basic shape – a circle – and see if we can manipulate our lines – equally placed across a diagonal center line – so that the final product looks all the more ‘ballish’ – just like any beach ball should!

On to the lesson!…

Here’s How to Draw a Ball – Spherical to Look Real

To begin – as I’m sure you’ve already guessed – go ahead and draw a lightly sketched circle on the page in front of you. Use a compass or the bottom of a can to ensure that your circle is in fact ‘circular’. It’s OK… drawing a perfect circle free-hand (as nice as that would be!) is not what we’re aiming for here.

Circle in place, map out some simple crosses just like I’ve done in the examples below. The whole idea here, is to come up with a simple map/plan to help visualize and place the curved lines that compose a beach ball.

Like so…

Drawing a circle for the beach ball Dividing the circle into sections How to draw a beach ball - placing the end at the corner How to draw a beach ball - drawing the first two lines How to draw a beach ball - drawing two more curved lines How to draw a beach ball - drawing an additional two curved lines How to draw a beach ball - with underlying framework Picture of a cartoon beach ball

Simple? It sure is! And really – you could do something similar to this for other balls you wanted to draw – soccer, basketball, croquet!, lottery, etc. The whole idea is that by using a simple, equal reference – coupled with a near-perfect circle… drawing a ball that takes on a more realistic look – is all the more easy to do!

And other than that – grab your pencil crayons – and for sure, bring out the vibrant colors as you’d see in most beach balls.

You’re done! 🙂