How to Draw a Black Cat and a Pumpkin

Cartoon drawing of a black cat with a pumpkin.

Ok, let’s learn how to draw a black cat, and pumpkin.

Halloween is just around the corner – and this ‘black cat and a pumpkin’ drawing lesson will surely bring all the more excitement! This’ll make some really neat (and really impressive :)… last minute Halloween decorations.

Of course – this isn’t just any pumpkin… it’s a Jack-O-Lantern.

Oh – and check out the cute little candle as well. Fun stuff!

Let’s begin!

First Step – Black Cat? Check! Pumpkin? Check!

To help bring forward and also maintain – the structure of the two subjects in this cartoon drawing, I thought it would be easier to split things up into blue (cat) and green (pumpkin).

In your case though – if you use this approach… lightly sketched pencil lines…

Framework for drawing black cat and pumpkin. Framework details for drawing a black cat and pumpkin.

Can you guess what the orange lines are for? For sure! The cat’s ears and tail, and the pumpkin’s stem or handle.


Second Step – How to Draw a Black Cat and a Pumpkin

Beginning with both faces, and then carefully – in a similar sequence to how I’ve gone about it below… let’s go ahead and bring this cute little Halloween scene to life on paper.

Be sure to have fun and by all means — take your time. It is Halloween after all!

So begin then, by drawing in the faces – using the circles and crosses as a guide…

Drawing the faces of a black cat and pumpkin. Drawing the cat's paws.

Now, draw the outline of the pumpkin – and begin to sketch the lower body of the cat too, as it appears in behind…

Drawing the pumpkin's shape. Drawing the body of the cat.

Draw the stem at the top of the pumpkin. And draw the candy too, in behind the cat’s paw. Notice the order/sequence of which we’re drawing things?

Drawing the stem and candy. Finishing the ears of the cartoon cat.

Keep on going, drawing details and parts of each character – cat and pumpkin. Don’t be afraid to switch things up too! Make it uniquely yours – in any and every way that you can.

Drawing the lower body of the cat. Finishing the details of the cartoon cat.

And finally, minus the framework – here’s our cat and pumpkin, black lines only, and then colored…

Black and white drawing of a cartoon cat and pumpkin. Cartoon drawing of a cat, pumpkin and candle for Halloween.

Just look at those yellow eyes! And the cute little red candle below. The candy too… what can I say — it’s the little things like these + the ENTIRE PROCESS… that make creating these cartoon lessons so much fun.

So there it is – how to draw a black cat, and jack-o-lantern complete.

I hope you had fun 🙂