How to Draw a Daisy

How to draw a daisy

Alright – here’s how to draw a daisy in yet another simple step by step flower drawing lesson.

And just like times before, the idea here – is to begin with a simple structure (a template) from which we can more easily construct our drawing.

Let’s begin – and very soon you’ll see, just how simple this is! 🙂

How to Draw a Daisy Step by Step

First thing then – when learning how to draw a daisy like the one pictured above… it’s a great idea to get the structure of what we’re going to draw in place – first.

Keep your lines nice and light, and sketch out a few ovals – similar to how I’ve done below.

Remember – everything at this stage can be really rough and loose. You can see how my lines – done on the computer, are really sharp and crisp. Not necessary! Light loose rough lines are key – just block it out.

OK – there’s the base for the top of the daisy drawing…

An oval and circle for drawing a daisy

Pretty simple right?

OK – here’s the same thing we just drew, except this time, I’ve faded out the opacity so that we can more easily see the lines we draw.

Here’s how it looks…

Building the framework of a daisy

Right then – let’s learn how to draw a daisy!

Starting from the inside – and then working your way out from there, go ahead and begin with the inner part of the flower.

Notice how little curved arcs like the ones below "hint" at the idea of pollen. Just a suggestion will do the trick.

Here it is…

Making the drawing of the daisy three-dimensional

And then – keep going with the other side of the inner daisy, like so…

Drawing key details for the framework of the daisy

Again – simply "hinting" at the pollen within the inner part of the daisy is enough to convince the observer what it is.

Little curves here and there – in no set pattern, really help to suggest what we’re intending to draw.

Go ahead and do something like this – here’s how to draw a daisy’s pollen – simplified…

Drawing the arteries of the cartoon daisy

If you look at a picture of a daisy – you can see how the petals are somewhat segmented into three parts.

There are lines that can be seen to show this.

Here in this lesson – how to draw a daisy – start by drawing the inner-most/outer-most parts of the petals.

Do this first, working around the oval that keeps the shape of our flower in place (if this helps of course!), and we’ll save the "overlap" of the petals for the next step.

Totally random (yours too!) – here’s how mine looks…

Drawing the shape of the upper daisy

OK – so now we can switch things up – this time, connecting the petals to the inner part of the daisy.

Notice how the lines arc around to the center, in a pattern/way that suggests we’re looking at the daisy from above – and from the side… sort of like a bird’s eye view.

Actually, this is why I positioned the center part of the flower (oval) a bit lower in the bigger oval. Perspective-wise, the lower petals will appear to be shorter and the upper ones – larger… although of course – they’re not really!

Here’s how to draw a daisy’s petals…

Drawing more arteries of the daisy

OK – so now that most of the petals are in place, just as I’ve shown below by fading out to grey…

Go ahead and draw the last parts of the daisy petals.

At this stage – you can really see how the petals randomly overlap – making the drawing all the more unique!

Oh – and draw the leaves too, similar to how I’ve drawn them below…

Drawing the ascending aorta of the daisy

Well – not too much left to draw at all now.

Go ahead and finish off the leaves – and of course, give this cartoon daisy a simple curved stem, similar to how I’ve done it – like so…

Drawing the perimeter of the lower ventricles

Yes – we’re finally done now, so here’s our cartoon daisy drawing complete – black and white lines only…

Drawing more details of the upper daisy

And then – one final step if you like…


Here’s how mine turned out, after creating a vector and coloring it with different shades in Illustrator…

Drawing the openings of the parts of the daisy

Another flower drawing lesson under your belt – you now know how to draw a daisy!

Of course, this is just one of many different ways you can approach it. Hopefully, yours looks different and unique to you – just the way drawing should be.

Until next time 🙂