How to Draw a Ferrari

How to draw a Ferrari

With respect to drawing cars, knowing how to draw a Ferrari – and in this case a Testarossa (my personal favorite!) – is a great little skill to have.

Something I really do strive for in these lessons here on the site, is to find different ways to help you out when attempting a drawing. I like to break things down, and simplify things as not everyone can learn how to draw at the same speed or level. With the Ferrari in this lesson, we’ll be using a guideline… I think it’ll really help you ‘eye things out’ as you progress.

Time to draw the one – the only – the AWESOME Italian sports car — Ferrari Testarossa!!…

First Step – How to Draw a Ferrari (Framework)

If you’re an experienced car designer, and have worked in the industry designing cars for some time, you’d definitely agree that perspective and guides are extremely helpful when drawing cars, trucks, etc. from different angles.

Here though, we’re just going for a ‘close likeness’ to the actual car. And also, we’re drawing it from the side – so it’s much easier. Still — a guideline can be helpful, and so – here’s how to draw one, nice and easy…

How to draw Ferrari framework
How to draw Ferrari box framework
How to draw Ferrari - drawing a base line

Yup, just like the Lamborghini lesson from previous – a simple rectangular guide like this one will help give you a different perspective of this ‘otherwise complex’ car. You can treat it as either a whole, two halves, or four separate parts – depending on how your ‘eyeing it’ and also, depending on what stage of the lesson you’re on.

That said, here’s how to draw a Ferrari!

Second Step – How to Draw a Ferrari

OK – let’s draw this Ferrari! And to start things off, how about we start things nice and simple with the wheels and the central bottom part of the car. A tip: have one of those ‘circle stencils’ on hand as during the first few steps — the wheels will be easier to draw if keeping them the same size isn’t so tedious. A compass can help here too.

Here we go… here’s how to draw a Ferrari…

How to draw Ferrari wheels
How to draw the bottom of a Ferrari

One of the most difficult things when learning how to draw cars, is getting the curvy parts down…. that as well as proportion. The grey circles you see up top really help to mark off the curved areas around each wheel. Remember though — keep these guides very light. And use a pencil too… getting rid of them near the end is easy with a good kneaded eraser.

How to draw around the wheels of a Ferrari
How to draw the door of a Ferrari

Compared to the Gallardo from before, the Ferrari Testarossa (this model anyway) is a bit more boxy in some areas, a bit longer like a racecar… and also… a bit lower as well. Here’s how to bring the body of your Ferrari into view…

How to draw the front and back of a Ferrari
How to draw a Ferrari
How to draw the top of a Ferrari

Using a simple dot and/or guideline (like below), will help to act as a reference point for getting the curvature/lines of the back of car down. In the examples below, I actually simplified the upper-back part with straight lines. Take your time here if you like, and work on getting the curve to be more correct.

Do this with other parts you think you can enhance as well. I like to simplify different parts so that you focus more so on what’s important to getting the car to ‘look how it should’. The beauty of this, is that you can use a reference picture and spend the extra time to bring out the Testarossa’s features even more so, if you so choose. But of course, being the huge Ferrari fan I’m sure you are… you most definitely will! 🙂

How to draw the windshield of a Ferrari
How to draw the top part of a Ferrari
How to draw top of a Ferrari

Looking nice! And now that the body’s pretty much established, let’s move into the interior of the car… the interior of our 2D perspective that is! Similar to the Lamborghini, getting the window down can be a bit tricky. If you ‘just draw it as you see it’ – you can definitely get it looking right. Still though, the help of an extra guide can really aid you in establishing a closer likeness in curvature…

Another horizontal line to draw a Ferrari
Drawing the mirror on a Ferrari
Drawing the window on a Ferrari
Drawing the lower window on a Ferrari
Drawing the back window of a Ferrari
Drawing the back part of a Ferrari
Drawing the details of a Ferrari

Time well spent!… now you’ve got a pretty sweet-looking Ferrari Testarossa, ready to be colored. A quick glance though, and yes – there are still a few features yet to add. Let’s add them, and take a look at the finished drawing below…

Final Step – You Can Draw a Ferrari!

Finally! Drawing complete – you now know how to draw a Ferrari. The final details show below, really help to secure that look we were going for. Maybe not as spot-on as the real car, but quite surely – a nice little representation of it.

Again, feel free to take things a step further with the details. The wheels for example. There’s much more to them than what you’re looking at here. The center of the wheels actually have five small circles – one yellow one in the middle. And the triangle shapes on the outside are actually more curved and larger. Take your time in this area, and bring out the details even more so.

Cartoon drawing of a Ferrari

Now that you know how to draw a Ferrari, I recommend you check out the Lamborghini lesson if you haven’t done so yet. Also, if you’re really hard-pressed about getting better at drawing cars – and not just simple cartoony ones like in these lessons, you might want to take a look at How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy. It’s amazing how these guys design realistic-looking cars.

Ok. That ends yet another car drawing lesson. See you again soon for another! 🙂