How to Draw a Fish

How to draw a fish cartoon

In this lesson – learning how to draw a fish… I’d like to show you a unique approach to mapping out your cartoon character ahead of time – making the drawing part, all the more easy.

In doing so, it’ll make the finished product – the happy-looking Rainbow Trout you see above… seem all the more doable!

Let’s draw a fish!

First Step – A Unique Approach to Drawing a Fish

When drawing anything – it can always be helpful to sketch out various shapes, features, etc. ahead of time. This way – much the same as painters do… you get a nice idea of ‘THE BIG PICTURE’ and can be much more confident as you proceed forward.

A fish – when viewed from the side, simple & cartoony like the one above… can be broken down into three basic shapes… two triangles (head and tail) – and well… whatever shape you like in the middle – depending on what sort of fish it is!

Here – I’m going for a Rainbow Trout. In your case… a pike? Actually – how about keeping yours ‘Salmonoid’ for the time being… that way you can

Cross drawing for a cartoon fish
Drawing arrows for the fish head and tail

Anyway – as you can see… a simple cross with two equal triangles marked off (head and tail) gives you a nice look into how your fish will take shape as we progress. The center line helps to position those fins positioned approximately along the halfway mark of the fish.


Second Step – How to Draw a Fish, Step by Step

Beginning with the eye – then the head… go ahead and draw your fish. Use the examples below to help you progress – but do remember… it’s totally OK to ‘branch off’ and come up with a unique-looking fish of your own. Use the examples for ideas – but most definitely… tap into those creative juices along the way!

Here’s goes…

How to draw a fish eye
How to draw a fish head
How to draw a fish mouth
How to draw fish fins
How to draw a fish body
How to draw a fish body complete
Black and white drawing of a fish
Cartoon drawing of a rainbow trout fish

Ah yes – a trout just wouldn’t be a trout, minus the beautiful shimmer, stripes and spots. But of course – this lesson is about ‘how to draw a fish’… ANY fish! So for sure – change your drawing up to match the fish (imaginary or real) that you’re going for. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate different parts. Get creative and most of all… have fun!

Congrats on a job well done. 🙂