How to Draw a Football

How to draw a football

A brand new season in full throttle, learning how to draw a football – is a nice (and complimentary) way – of celebrating! Above, we’ve got a super simple-looking ball. The space below the grips is where you can sketch the logo of your favorite team.

Let’s draw some pig skin!

First Step – Draw a Framework for Your Football

Even though our ball is ovular in shape, it still makes sense to begin with something a tad more manageable – something like, you guessed it!… a circle. With a circle sketched out first, developing the ovular symmetry on either side, will be all the more easy to do.

My framework…

How to draw a football framework How to draw a football framework with line

A simple cross, extended beyond either left and right side of the circle – help to mark off the end points of the curved lines. The green mark positions the grips… just remember to keep your lines nice and light when you’re planning everything out like this.

Pretty straight forward so far. On to the drawing…

Second Step – How to Draw a Football

About your circular framework, on either side… sketch in the curved lines which extend to create the ovaluar shape that is – a football. Use a ruler to ensure that everything’s equal (left and right sides) – as yes, it does need to match up.

Alright, here’s how to draw it…

Drawing the bottom of the football Drawing the top of the football How to draw a football stitches How to draw a football stitches with line How to draw a football - finish the stitches How to draw a football - starting the white lines Black and white drawing of a football Cartoon drawing of a football

And when you’re all done – just as I mentioned up top – why not add a logo of your favorite team? NFL, CFL – whichever… have some fun here. Or, how about creating an entirely brand new team altogether! Now we’re talking.

OK. That’s all for this lesson. 🙂