How to Draw a Frog

How to draw a frog

In this animal lesson, learn how to draw a frog – the red-eyed tree variety… native to the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica.

Let’s begin!

First Step – Two Ovals Suffice from a 3/4 Angle

Two overlapping ovals – one for the head, the one in behind for the body… help to visualize the structure of this tiny animal – before you go ahead and draw it. The cross, as you can see below… provides a sense of depth.

Here’s the structure…

How to draw a frog framework
How to draw a frog framework completed

Really, drawing this animal is all the more simple when form and structure is taken into consideration ahead of time. But to prove this, let’s add some lines!

Second Step – How to Draw a Frog

Beginning with the eyes and mouth (really – where else would we begin!?)… go ahead and bring your cartoon animal into existence with the careful placement of lines, using the images below to help you progress.

Hopping to it…

How to draw frog eyes
How to draw a frog mouth
How to draw a frog mouth open
How to draw a frog head
How to draw a frog arm
How to draw a frog hand
How to draw a frog leg
Black and white drawing of a tree frog
Cartoon drawing of a red-eyed tree frog from Costa Rica

The only issue I’ve got with the finished result here – is the offsetting of its eyes. True – in nature, this frog’s eyes are positioned such that its pupils appear to be looking in opposite directions (from the side). Still – you can change the eyes/pupils… giving it a unique character altogether.

Have the pupils look more circular if you like – yet still incorporating the red/black combo. Give it a try! 🙂

Until next time!