How to Draw a Ghost

How to draw a ghost cartoon

In this lesson – how to draw a ghost, I decided to go with something a little different. Yup – the eyes! Don’t get caught up in its gaze – or you’ll be hypnotized!! 🙂

Really, this is just a fun little addition I decided to add toward the end of the lesson. That’s part of the fun in drawing – is the process itself. It’s amazing all the ideas that come into play while developing a new cartoon/character!

OK – let’s go!

First Step – A Guideline from which to Draw Your Ghost

A circle and a triangle come to mind when I first think of a ghost. It’s not always like this – but with respect to this particular cartoon, posture and position taken into account, it was the way I decided to go.

Here’s how it looks…

How to draw a ghost framework How to draw a ghost framework with arms

Really though – ghosts look a number of different ways (I think!) – so of course, get creative as you come up with an original-looking structure for yours.

Now let’s draw this ghost!

Second Step – How to Draw a Ghost, in So Many Steps

Beginning with the eyes – yes those hypnotizing eyes!!… go ahead and slowly bring the head of your character into view. Use the examples below as a guideline. You might want to go with something a bit more ‘normal’ or friendly – something like Casper!?

Step by step, here’s how it all pans out…

How to draw ghost eyes How to draw the face of the ghost How to draw the head of the ghost How to draw the ghost's hood How to draw the first part of the ghost's body How to draw the bottom of the ghost's body How to draw the base of the ghost's body How to draw the ghost's arms How to draw the ghost's hanging fingers How to draw a ghost's other arm Black and white drawing of a cartoon ghost Cartoon drawing of a ghost

A look back at this lesson, and I’m thinking – wow!, that’s one crazy-looking drawing! Really though, there are a number of things I could have done to INSTANTLY change the overall look. For example, I could have softened the points – making them rounded.

Larger pupils with a tad smaller eyeballs, may give this character an overall cuter look as well. So yes, there are lots of possibilities

Well, I hope you had fun with this one. More Halloween-oriented lessons to come! 🙂