How to Draw a Giraffe

How to draw a giraffe cartoon

In this animal-focused lesson – how to draw a giraffe, let’s come up with something very similar to the one you see above. I say ‘similar’ of course… because as always… I encourage you to branch off and come up with something that’s uniquely yours!

Let’s get started!

First Step – A Simple Framework for a Giraffe

Very similar to a previous lesson here on the site, also dealing with drawing this animal, the structure of the animal can be subdivided as three circles, and then – to account for its obvious height… lines to bridge the gaps.

Like so…

How to draw a giraffe framework How to draw a giraffe framework of simple shapes

Pretty simple indeed – and remember… this is just a way for you to either visualize the structure ahead of time, or actually use it as a blueprint with lightly sketched pencil lines — as you progress.

To the actual drawing part now…

Second Step – How to Draw a Giraffe, Step by Step

Beginning with the head – the eye first of course… go ahead and slowly bring the animal into view, using the following images to help. Branch off and have some fun wherever you can… making your giraffe all the more special.

The steps…

How to draw a giraffe eye and snout How to draw a giraffe ear and antler How to draw a giraffe neck and body How to draw a giraffe's legs How to draw a giraffe's other legs and tail How to draw a giraffe's hooves Black and white drawing of a cartoon giraffe Cartoon drawing of a giraffe

If you look at a photograph of a real giraffe, it’s clear that they have distinct white markings on their legs, belly, and on parts of their face. Here, we’ve brought this pattern forth using a more realistic look (and colors).

Of course – if you’d rather go "yellow and brown"… by all means do!

That’s it for this lesson… until next time… err – tomorrow!! 🙂