How to Draw a Girl

How to draw a girl cartoon

Learning how to draw a girl like the one you see above – and as I’m sure you’ve experienced – people in general… can be a tricky task. With cartoons though, the process does become easier as we’re dealing with a more simplified version of a realistic-looking person.

The girl in this lesson actually looks more like a teenager. While working through, have some fun changing her look around so that the drawing is unique to you. You can change her hair style, her glasses, jewelry, the color of her clothes… etc.

OK… let’s get on with the lesson. Here’s how to draw a girl…

First Step – How to Draw a Girl Framework

Before we begin drawing, it can be helpful if we first establish a better understanding of the structure of our person, with relation to her pose. Sometimes, it can sound a bit silly starting out with a ‘stick person’. But really — a stick person is a simplification of our real structures — our bones! So – in this way, it’s almost like sketching out a basic skeleton, minus all the details (every single little bone!).

Keep your penciled lines nice and light as you come up with something similar to this…

How to draw a girl framework How to draw a girl framework with hair How to draw a girl with face lines

The green lines you see above are simple guidelines for the particular hair style I’m going for in this lesson. Again, this is just an idea — something you might find to be of help when drawing your girl. The green lines on her face help to map out her glasses, as I want them to be big and stylish.

Got a framework to work with? Good stuff! Let’s keep going…

Second Step – How to Draw the Face/Hair

OK – let’s begin our drawings. Starting with the glasses (or eyes if you don’t want her to have glasses), go ahead and draw them in – in whatever style you choose. After that, slowly sketch in the rest of her facial features. Keep it simple, and then – move on to her hair.

Here’s how to draw a girl’s head/face and hair…

How to draw a girl's sunglasses How to draw a girl's hair How to draw a girl's hair continued How to draw a girl's neck

Again, you might want to change her hair style. And if so, you’ll need to account for the various parts of her head that either can or can’t be seen – depending on where her hair covers her face. In my case, I’ve got her hair falling over her shoulders. Only part of her neck area needs to be drawn.

Alright, let’s keep moving. Next, let’s tackle how to draw the girl’s body – starting with her torso and arms…

Third Step – How to Draw a Girl — Her Body

With her head positioned and in place, now let’s draw the rest of her body – torso, arms and all. What’s neat about this lesson – and what separates it from others… is that instead of drawing her standing straight and tall – we’ve got to take her hips into account, as they are shifting to the side.

As you move through the steps, take note of the difference in lines – opposite her center. Depending on which way her body is shifting – the lines will either curve one way or the other to account for her changed position…

How to draw a girl's shirt How to draw a girl's arms How to draw a girl's lower amrs How to draw a girl's arms complete How to draw a girl's hands How to draw a girl's lower shirt How to draw a girl's pants How to draw a girl's lower pants Cartoon drawing of a girl

And — so many steps later… you’re all finished! Still, if you look up at the finished example – keep in mind that there are lots of different ways that you can make your drawing more unique. With simple well-placed lines, you can change the v-neck to a crew, change the length and style of her top/dress, have her pants/jeans going over her boots, etc.

One more thing and you’re all done!…

Final Step – That’s How to Draw a Girl!

Drawing of a girl

Well, I’d say this drawing is pretty much complete. But as I said before – you can easily make your work all the more unique by adding some simple well-placed lines.

To the left, you can see I’ve done just this by giving her a necklace, a watch, and a bracelet. But of course – there are lots more we could add… and it’s really easy to do.

As a final step, go ahead and give your drawing some color. And while you’re at it… how about changing the pattern on her clothes?

Congrats on a job well done — you now know how to draw a girl! 🙂