How to Draw a Heart

How to draw a heart

So, ready to learn how to draw a heart?


And wow, even though this drawing lesson – a cartoonified version of what a real human heart looks like, took quite some time to create – I’ve got to say…

It was definitely fun!

Here then, an organ complete with ventricles, arteries and atriums – let’s put the pencil to the paper, and begin…

How to Draw a Heart Step by Step

OK, so looking at a few reference images while sketching out a simple-looking cartoon heart on a piece of newsprint, I was able to come up with the following breakdown – a simple structure for drawing the organ.

Two of the main (or largest parts) – one on the bottom and other on top – are the ventricles (bottom) and the aorta, and superior vena cava (top).

Using only an oval and a circle to begin – here’s how the first step in building the heart’s structure, looks…

An oval and circle for drawing a heart

Remember – all I’m doing here, is illustrating a simplified approach to drawing an otherwise very complex human organ.

By breaking things down into simple shapes – anything for that matter!… we can often "see" and then draw things, much more easily.

Next up, I added a couple more circles – locking in the left and right atriums…

Building the framework of a heart

Still going strong – next, let’s give our organ a 3D look.

Similar to how we might map out the face of a cartoon character – the curved cross below, helps us visualize this heart as being a realistic object in space, instead of just flat on a piece of paper.

Also, another circle comes into play – for the very bottom of the organ where the left and right ventricles meet…

Making the drawing of the heart three-dimensional

Alright – last step before we move on to the drawing part – sketch in some lines here and there like so, marking off key parts of the heart – things like the pulmonary artery and the superior vena cava.

Here’s how to draw a heart framework – finalized before we draw…

Drawing key details for the framework of the heart

Well, now that we have a better idea of how our cartoon heart is going to come together – let’s go ahead and draw its various components, step by step.

Note – please use these steps as a guideline for drawing your own unique version. Don’t outright copy the drawings – get creative and really put some thought into changing it up, and making it different.

No way should our drawings be the same 🙂

OK – start with the coronary arteries, like so…

Drawing the arteries of the cartoon heart

And next – fading what we just drew to grey…

Go ahead and gradually bring forth various parts of the heart – things like the left atrium, the aorta, and even part of the pulmonary artery – before it branches off, connecting to the lung…

Drawing the shape of the upper heart

See how sequence can really help with the look of a drawing?

Careful thinking and placement of lines – can result in much less erasing, and a more appealing drawing overall.

Go ahead and draw in some more arteries now…

Drawing more arteries of the heart

Feeling out which parts of the heart should be drawn next – go on up to the top, and sketch in the middle ascending aorta, along with the top of the superior vena cava.

Draw more of the atrium, and more of the main aorta at this point too – and yes, now that we’ve got the arteries in place, you can go in behind and draw the perimeter of the left/right ventricles…

Drawing the ascending aorta of the heart

And – keep right on going, sketching in the various parts of our cartoon heart gradually bringing the finished product into view.

Here’s how to draw a heart’s additional ascending aorta, along with more of the atrium and pulmonary artery…

Drawing the perimeter of the lower ventricles

Saving those parts of the heart which appear further back in the drawing (away from you – the observer), next – go ahead an finish off the center part of the aorta, and also – the pulmonary artery and veins.

You might notice – I’ve left out a key part – the ligamen anteriosum. Design-wise, I kind of like how it looks without it, but of course – add it in if you’re going for a more scientifically accurate drawing!

OK – how to draw a heart drawing lesson, almost complete!…

Drawing more details of the upper heart

OK – for real, we’re just about done now 🙂

Some finishing details – next, go ahead and draw in some little ovals – indicating the openings to various parts of the hears, those like the middle ascending aorta, pulmonary artery, etc.

Oh right – and one more thing…

Draw in the fat that covers areas of the ventricles, below the arteries.

Here’s how it looks…


Drawing the openings of the parts of the heart

Wow, that’s quite a bit of drawing!

And so complex too.

Anyway – here’s what we’ve got in the very end…

Black and white drawing of a heart

And then – colored in Photoshop and Illustrator, just like a textbook…

Drawing of a heart cartoon

We’re all finished!

So there it is – that’s how to draw a heart.

Well, I hope you had fun with this science-focused drawing lesson.

Will see you again soon for another!