How to Draw a Lamborghini Gallardo

How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo

How to draw a Lamborghini – one of the most amazing sports cars ever made! Here, let’s tackle drawing this beautiful car in a series of steps – each one aimed at making the process easier for you to follow along and draw.

If you’re a true fan of the car – right away you’ll notice that this is indeed, a simplification of its true look. One example, would be the front of the car… there is more of a defined indent in the bumper area. Also, in simplifying the windshield, I basically removed it from view. Normally, it would curve around slightly so it can be partially seen.

But of course – I made the changes to make the experience more enjoyable, as simplified – the car will be easier for you to draw. If you’d like to take things a step further, by all means do. Just make sure you have a nice picture of a Gallardo on hand!

Alright, let’s begin…

First Step – How to Draw a Lamborghini – a Guideline

Much as ‘the pros’ will tell you – drawing cars is much easier when you make use of perspective lines and specific reference points. When it comes to designing real cars, this is extremely important. Here though, we’re just drawing a simplified cartoon car, AND from the side as opposed to being on an angle.

While we don’t need to account for perspective, it will certainly help out to have some sort of guideline. This way, drawing the curved parts of your Lamborghini will be easier as you’ll be able to refer to various parts of your guideline as you progress.

Here’s how to draw the Lamborghini framework… oh – and be sure to keep your lines nice and light for this part!…

How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo framework box
How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo framework
Drawing a framework for a simple Lamborghini drawing

Working with a rectangle – divided up this way — can be helpful as instead of ‘one big highly detailed & curvy shape’… we can switch over to a different train of thought where the image we’re drawing can be (if so desired) viewed as four distinct parts.

The green line at the bottom marks the bottom of the car.

And with that said, let’s get on to the drawing part! Here’s how to draw a Lamborghini…

Second Step – How to Draw a Lamborghini

Now that you’ve got a very simple guideline to work from, let’s go ahead and draw this Lamborghini. One thing that will really be helpful at the start, is one of those ‘circle stencils’ – the ones with an assortment of different circle sizes. Either that or a compass.

Beginning with the wheels and base of your car, here’s how to draw a Lamborghini…

How to draw Lamborghini Gallardo wheels
How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo's base

There’s a few things I should mention here. Sports cars often have larger wheels, with larger hubcaps and thinner tires (as viewed from the side). Once you’ve got them in place, draw two larger circles (mine are light grey) to mark off the curvature of the lower frame as I’ve done below…

How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo - drawing the wheels
How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo - drawing around the wheels

As you can see above, the light grey circles help you draw in the upper portions of the frame around the wheels of your Lamborghini.

Continuing on, go ahead and mark off the door lines leading up to the half-way point on your guideline. And then, keep right on moving…

How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo - drawing the door
How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo - drawing the back end
How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo -drawing the front end

In drawing the top of your car, lightly mark off the highest part with a small pencil mark along the upper-portion of the centerline. This way, you can gradually bring the curvature of the top of the car into view. Draw the front (right) part first. Then follow up with the back (left).

How to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo - drawing the top

Next up, how to draw a Lamborghini – the inner parts and details.

When drawing a Lamborghini, the toughest part aside from the curvature of the roof, would be the window as it takes on a lop-sided ovular shape. Just drawing this shape free-hand is quite possible, although it might take a few tries to get it right. To make this step easier, I recommend you add another horizontal guideline.

This way, when you begin the window at the front of the car (far right side), it will begin on the line – which you can use as a reference to draw the rest of the shape – like so…

How to draw Lamborghini - drawing the main car
How to draw Lamborghini - drawing the window and mirror
How to draw Lamborghini - completing the window
How to draw Lamborghini - finishing the window
How to draw Lamborghini - drawing the lights and other details
How to draw Lamborghini - finishing details

Well, up to this point of the lesson – you’re pretty much finished. The added details in the image above mark off a general likeness to how an actual Lamborghini would look. Again, a look at a picture of the car as you worked your way through would be beneficial – especially at the end. This way, you can take some extra time (and patience!) to get the wheels looking more exact – and same with some of the other details.

Here’s what the finished version looks like…

Final Step – How to Draw a Lamborghini… Complete!

At this point, it’s pretty much safe to say your Lamborghini’s ‘good to go’. You’ll notice below, I marked off the space just in front of the rear quarter panel (in front of the back wheel). A simple curved shape like this will do the trick just fine. If you’re going for accuracy though – by all means — take your time and get it right! 🙂

Cartoon drawing of Lamborghini

Well, that pretty much wraps up this lesson. Now you have a pretty good idea how to draw a Lamborghini. And of course, depending on how perfect you want things to be, you can make this drawing a lot closer to the real thing.

Speaking of which – if you’re interested in drawing cars like this, only much more realistic and professional-looking… you should have a look at How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy. The author of this book worked in the automotive industry for 15 years, designing cars. It’s an excellent resource and will help you take your car drawings to a whole new level.

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!