How to Draw a Leaf

How to draw a leaf cartoon

Another tree-focused lesson – here let’s learn how to draw a leaf. And if you’ve seen the ‘Seasonal’ section of the site – you’ll notice I kept the design of this particular one – similar to the introductory image on that page.

Instead of a symmetrical ‘logoish’ look – here we’re going to come up with a unique, stylish-looking maple leaf. So yes – do use these examples to help you progress… but also, keep in mind that you’re free to go your own route with respect to the variation in its size, shape and color.

Let’s get drawing!

First Step – How to Draw a Leaf Framework

Sure sure — drawing a leaf should be simple enough that we can just get right down to it. But even still, there’s nothing wrong with a quick sketch before-hand – simple lines, placed to help you maintain proportion and the overall look you’re aiming for.

Here’s how mine looks…

How to draw a leaf framework How to draw a leaf with dots

Have your framework twist and turn slightly – each spoke representing a pointy segment on the blade of your leaf. Oh – and the grey dots… well… I simply added these to mark off a relative distance for ‘just how far’ you might want your curves to go back into the center point. You’ll see soon enough! 🙂

OK. Here we go…

Second Step – Draw Your Leaf!

The best way to go about it – in my opinion… is to begin by drawing a simple stem. Stylize it to look how you want it to. Do this – and then it’s on to the leaf blade.

In the steps below, carefully sketch in the ‘ins and outs’ of your maple leaf – but not so carefully that you don’t add in that unique twist we were talking about. Experiment with different lines, keeping things ‘somewhat symmetrical’ each part of the left half of the leaf complimenting its opposite part on the right side.

Here’s how to draw it…

How to draw a leaf stem How to draw a leaf base How to draw leaf tips How to draw the outer edges of a leaf How to draw the perimeter of a leaf Cartoon drawing of a leaf

I’d say the best part of drawing a maple leaf like this one – is adding the details. Simple, carefully placed lines help to bring out a neat-looking design, one that easily captures the essence of the maple leaf!

Well – not much more to add. You’ve now got a simple, neat-looking drawing. Hope you enjoyed the lesson… that’s how to draw a leaf! 🙂