Learn How to Draw a Panda

Cartoon panda image

When learning how to draw a panda – especially a simplified cartoon version, like the one in the finished example above…

It’s important to streamline our approach wherever we can.

Here – breaking the lesson down into a series of 12 steps, see if you can create your own unique version of the character, using the one I’ve drawn for some inspiration!

Let’s begin…

How to Draw a Cartoon Panda Bear

First thing with this lesson then – let’s go ahead and create a framework from which to base the form and structure of our cartoon panda on.

Just three simple circles like so – is a great beginning…

Circles for drawing a panda framework

Head, torso and pelvis in place – next, add three more circles – this time bringing into view more of the head details… the ears and the snout.

Here’s how it looks…

Overlapping circles to draw a panda bear cartoon

OK – no it’s time to map out the rest of the structure for our panda bear.

In the example below – you can see how using just a few simple lines – the limbs and feet (minus one back leg which can be easily mirrored over later on) are put in place, along with some centerlines on the head…

Helping us better appreciate ahead of time, that yes – this animal is actually "3D", and its head is tilting toward us in space.

Here’s how to draw a panda framework…

A detailed framework for drawing a simple panda bear cartoon

Drawing time now – go ahead and begin with the ear and the snout.

Actually – you can add a few more details right away at this point – do whatever you like of course, and as always… use these examples to help guide you along.

Here’s how to draw a panda bear’s ear and snout – cartoon-style!…

Drawing the ear and snout of the panda

Fading what we just drew – out to grey, next – go ahead and sketch in the core parts of the head.

It’s important to notice the sequence in which we’re drawing this panda. Notice how we started with the snout and the left ear?

It can really help to draw those parts which appear closest to the viewer – first. Of course, do what works best for you!

Drawing the head details of the panda

Next up…

Continue along drawing your panda cartoon character – this time, gradually placing lines around the framework, ones that hint at the form of the back, and its two left limbs.

Oh, and draw in the lower mouth at this stage too!…

Drawing the lower mouth, back and limbs of the panda

Moving right along now – a few more well-placed lines, and our cartoon animal character’s taking shape nicely.

Next up, finish off the head with the other ear – and yes – keep right on going with the limbs.

Here’s how to draw a panda bear’s other ear and limbs…

Drawing the chest and completing the limbs of the panda

Just about there now – next, draw a simple line to connect the upper-back to the lower back leg.

And then yes, go ahead and draw in the start of the feet – er – paws!…

Drawing the back side and feet of the panda


Last step now, before we can go ahead and color!…

Go in and draw the last few lines for the limbs/toes/feet of our cartoon panda bear character.

Here’s how it looks…

Drawing the final touches of the panda cartoon

Not bad at all – but of course…

This lesson is called "how to draw a panda bear" – not just any kind. So yes, we’ve got to make sure we color it – with its trademark black and white pattern.

Here’s the lineart alone…

Black and white drawing of a panda bear cartoon

And then colored black and white…

Drawing of a cartoon panda bear

There it is – all done!

So… how did yours turn out?

Did you make your character different in any way? If so – how?

You know, there are all sorts of different ways to draw a cartoon bear like this. Don’t ever stick to just "one look" or "one style".

Always seek out new ways to approach a drawing, and always always always strive to put your own unique spin on it!

Thanks for visiting – see you again REAL soon 🙂