How to Draw a Penguin

How to draw a penguin

Learning how to draw a penguin…

I was thinking of some neat-looking cartoon penguins to get some ideas from – those like "Pingu" and even the famous Linux mascot.

Anyway, I came up with this little guy that you see above – something relatively simple, yet at the same time… with a few complex lines, in order to bring it all together in the way I’ve laid it out in this drawing lesson.

Tilted at a 3/4 angle – here’s how to do it…

Here’s How to Draw a Penguin – Cartoon Style…

OK, so why don’t we start with the most obvious of shapes, when it comes to drawing something that looks *almost* like a bowling pin! 🙂

Two circles will do perfectly – or if you like, an oval and a circle, or two ovals.

Here’s what we’ve got – first thing then…

How to draw a penguin framework

Pretty simple so far, right? I sure hope so!

Next up then – taking into account the whole 3/4 tilt thing (as this little cartoon penguin – is turned slightly to its right) – here are some more guidelines to help *cement* shape and structure in mind, before you get to the actual lines.

Sketch these out super lightly in pencil *IF* it helps…

Drawing of a penguin framework

And we’re off – on to the actual lines now, so let’s keep right on going – here’s how to draw a penguin, beginning with the beak…

Drawing the beak of a penguin

A few more lines – I’ll quite agree that it’s a bit strange in the way we’re approaching this character – but really…

I did so due to the way the eyes are formed. It’s easier to draw some lines before others – so here are a couple simple ones, the start to the right eye, and under the left eye.

Here’s how to draw a penguin – face continued…

Drawing the eye of the penguin

And so yeah, those first eye lines help pave the way for sketching in the other ovular parts of the eyes – just like I’ve done below. Don’t get hung up on this though – draw whatever kinds of eyes you like.

And while you’re at it – change a whole bunch of things along the way. You can make the beak for example, smaller – and I bet it will make your penguin look even cuter! 🙂

Drawing the eyes and beak of the penguin

OK – now we can get right into it – and begin sketching the head area, as well as its left flipper.

Notice, this part of the head area is defined such that, it will separate white from black, in the very end.

Just make it circular, if you like. Will still be a penuin!

How to draw a penguin's eyes, head and flipper

More lines still – and now, go ahead and bring out the curvature of the head and lower body area.

Here’s how to draw it…

How to draw a penguin's head and body

Almost done now!

Feet, and a few more defining lines – and yes, our penguin is more recognizeable than ever!

Here it is…

How to draw a penguin's flipper and feet

Minus the framework (if you drew one) – here’s how the character looks, lines only…

Black and white drawing of a penguin

And then – sweet! – we can add a splash of black (actually really dark grey), white, orange and blue – and then…

Cartoon drawing of a penguin

Ta da!

That’s how to draw a simple cartoon penguin.

Well, I hope you had some fun getting all creative. I mean seriously – what on earth could be better than drawing!?

And yes, that’s all for the lesson – how to draw a cartoon penguin – complete.

See you soon for the next one! 🙂