How to Draw a Reindeer Cartoon

How to draw reindeer cartoon

Here, let’s learn how to draw a reindeer. And to make the lesson all the more fun, let’s make it ‘Rudolph’ the leader of Santa’s team and everyone’s favorite Christmas-time reindeer.

While labeled ‘Intermediate’… give this one a shot no matter what your level. Remember – you can always simplify certain parts of the lesson by taking short cuts.

For example, instead of drawing all the curvy lines you see above, simplify them into more workable basic lines and shapes.

The key? Get it ‘looking like’ a reindeer! 🙂

Ready to get started? Alright, let’s begin!

First Step – How to Draw the Shape of Your Reindeer

In learning how to draw a reindeer, it can be quite helpful to have some sort of guideline from which to help maintain proportion in your work. Here, let’s do just that, beginning with an oval and a circle.

Like so…

How to draw reindeer framework How to draw reindeer framework drawing

As I’m sure you may have guessed, the circle up top will become the head of your reindeer while oval down below – the body.

Now – once you’ve got your first two shapes in place, go ahead and map out the rest of the parts of the reindeer intend to include. Straight lines for the legs, neck and antlers – and a cross to help draw the face of your reindeer will do just fine.

Alright… the lesson’s ‘how to draw a reindeer’, so of course – let’s get drawing it!

Second Step – How to Draw the Head of Your Reindeer

Alright, let’s begin then by drawing the head. So, how to draw it exactly? Well, first – go ahead and draw the nose. Yup, the big, bright red one that Rudolph’s so famous for! After that, follow along using the examples below to help you out.

Here’s how the head of the reindeer takes shape…

How to draw reindeer nose How to draw reindeer snout How to draw reindeer eyes How to draw reindeer faces How to draw reindeer ears How to draw reindeer antlers

These examples do a great job of showing just how helpful using a cross can be to develop the face of your character. The curved, central vertical part of the cross indicates that the head of the reindeer is facing to the left (your left).

And again – you can see that I’ve ‘carved out’ my own unique head from the circular part of the framework… lots of curvy lines. This lesson can be simplified by not deviating so much away from the original shapes. After all, these shapes already take the form of what you’re attempting to draw.

Next up? How to draw the collar and neck of your reindeer…

Third Step – How to Draw the Collar and Neck of Your Reindeer

Here, let’s take a look at how to draw a collar for your reindeer. Beginning with about four simple circles for bells… go ahead and draw yours.

Just like this…

How to draw reindeer collars How to draw a reindeer collar How to draw reindeer collar complete

If you don’t want to draw the collar – then by all means… skip this part. Still, looking at the finished example up top, I’d say it makes for a very nice addition to any reindeer drawing.

Once you’re finished, let’s continue on with the next part of the lesson…

Final Step – How to Draw the Legs, Body… and the Rest!

OK… just about finished now. Once you’ve got the head and neck of your reindeer all drawn, move on down to the oval and begin to draw the body. My recommendation… work counter-clockwise from the collar to sketch in the chest, legs and tail first. Then, go around again, filling in the lines which compose the body of your reindeer.

Here’s how to draw the last part of the reindeer…

How to draw reindeer legs How to draw reindeer hooves Drawing of a cartoon reindeer

As you work your way around, stylize your lines in a way that you like. For example, you don’t have to draw the tufts of hair around the chest, hooves and belly like I did. Keep these lines nice and smooth for a different look altogether.

When you’re all done, sketch in the final details — eyes, ears, fur… whichever!

And that’s how to draw a reindeer… or perhaps I should say – that’s how to draw Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer! 🙂