How to Draw a Rose

How to draw a rose cartoon

I’ll just say it… learning how to draw a rose is very simple!

And even better, you don’t have to do every step exactly the way I show you.

Flowers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. It’s OK if yours looks different. Make it bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, etc.

Because this lesson is so easy, feel free to go through it a little faster than normal – just as if you were doodling. It won’t take long to get the basic steps down.

And in very little time – through a little repetition… you’ll have THE perfect rose drawing! 🙂

How to draw a rose swirl

First Step – The Swirl

The "swirl" is the most important step when learning how to draw a rose of this kind. All roses have it… it’s the top part of the flower where the petals slowly wrap towards the middle.

Start in the middle, and going clockwise… create a swirl just like the one you see to your left. Make sure it looks like an oval and not a circle. Also, make sharp angles every time you change direction.

How to draw the base of a rose

Second Step – Three "S’s"

OK. Now to begin the petals. To draw petals, draw three S’s. By "S" I mean a line that swerves so that it resembles the letter S. Looking at the example, you can see that two of the S’s are backwards, while the one furthest to the right isn’t.

First, make a very light pencil mark about an inch or so below the center part of your swirl from before. Now, from this point, draw an S outwards – up, and to the right. After that, draw the second S. Again, start at the pencil mark, except this time draw it so that it goes outwards – up, and to the left. Make sure the end of the S meets the furthest left point of your swirl – as perfectly as possible!

Finally, draw the last S. Start from the same pencil mark again, and draw it so it goes outwards – up, and to the left. This S is pretty much a mirror image of the first one you drew.

How to draw the petals of a rose

Third Step – Two Fishing Rods

Two fishing rods!? OK this is getting strange. Actually, when learning how to draw, it’s often helpful to compare lines to other objects that you can relate to. That’s why I compared the previous three lines to "S’s". Basically, these "two fishing rods" are just two curved lines… one pointing to the right (the bigger one), and the other pointing to the left.

Go back your light pencil mark and draw a curved line – one that kind of looks like a fishing rod. Draw the line so that it curves all the way out to the very end of the first S that you drew. Nice! You now have your first petal! 🙂

Alright, and one more "fishing rod". This one’s much smaller. And you don’t need to start at the light pencil mark.

Instead, start at the very end of the third S that you drew. Draw the line so that it meets the second S about a quarter or half the way down.

Starting to see your rose take shape? Excellent!

How to draw the completed form of a rose

Fourth Step – Five Curved Lines

Take a look at the example. Notice how the swirl that you drew in step one now looks 3D? Pretty sweet, isn’t it? Well, all you need to do is draw five small curved lines. Draw each one so that it connects with each of the five edges of the swirl.

Start with the edge furthest to the right – the spot where your pencil was when you completed the swirl in step one. Now, draw a small curved line that goes down, yet curves slightly inwards. Stop as soon as you come to the curved line (the big fishing rod).

Nice. Alright, now work your way to the left drawing a line in a similar fashion at each edge of the swirl. Here’s a tip… your first three lines (working towards the left) should curve inwards towards the left, while your last two should curve inwards and to the right.

It’s all about keeping with the shape of your soon-to-be rose!

How to draw the stem and petals of a rose

Final Step – The Stem and the Leaves

Now that the actual flower is complete, time to learn how to draw the stem and leaves. Here’s what to do. First, draw a half-circle below your rose. Make sure that it’s centered – in line with the middle of the swirl.

OK. Now to draw a rose stem. I drew mine so that it bends (ever so slightly) at three points. Draw a three-segmented line from the half-circle. Make it as short or as long as you want… it’s completely up to you.

After that, draw a small arc at the bottom of the line. Then, follow the line all the way up to the half-circle again. Make sure that you keep the distance between the two lines of the stem, relatively equal.

Finally, draw two leaves. I made the top one bigger than the bottom one. You can add more or less leaves, or if you want – have no leaves at all!

And there it is… mission How to Draw a Rose accomplished!