How to Draw a Seal

Cartoon seal image

OK, so yes – here we’re learning how to draw a seal… but one important thing before we get started…

It’s not the cute cuddly version that you may have expected.

Nope! Here we’re drawing one of the ‘leopard’ variety – and yes, I’m sure as you can tell from the image above – it gets its name from those ferocious-looking fangs, ones that it uses to eat…

Penguins! 🙁

And no doubt – straight of

How to Draw a Leopard Seal Step by Step

So just like we did with the walrus in another lesson, let’s begin with by blocking off some basic shapes that will compose our cartoon animal character.

Below – you can see how we’ve got some ever-so-simple circles and ovals – arranged to take on the shape of our seal…

Circles fro drawing a cartoon seal

And yes – by omitting parts of both shapes, creating an overlap between them – we can really see a 3D sense taking shape.

Just look below and already, we can see the head and snout, as well as the body – take shape…

Overlapping circles to draw a cartoon seal

OK. And just a few more lines now – go ahead and mark off a centerline for where the snout will be, and also – a few lines marking off its flippers – two in the front, and for starters…

Just the one in the back.

Here’s how to draw a seal framework…

A detailed framework for drawing a simple cartoon seal

On to the actual lines now – please go ahead, and begin bringing forward certain parts of the seal’s head area, with simple lines.

Strategically, starting with he back of the head, part of the eye – and snout… made good sense to me. Maybe you can change things up?

Do so if it works!

Here’s how to draw a seal head…

Drawing the eye and snout of the cartoon seal

Continuing on with the face, sketch in the nostrils, lower mouth – and then work down the front and back part of the seal’s body.

Notice how I’m using the framework as a guide. You know, it’s as easy as sketching out (blocking out) the shapes with some really light lines ahead of time.

Don’t be afraid to do this – it really does help to secure proportions early on – making the process a lot easier, and fun!

Drawing the lower head and upper body of the cartoon seal

So continue with the head now – this time sketching in the eye, and a couple rows of some razor-sharp penguin-eating teeth!

I know, that sounds so mean – but really, out in the wild… these carnivorous seals are actually eating penguins! Google it.

Drawing more details of the cartoon seal

Oh nice – this cartoon leopard seal’s really looking cool now.

And yeah, keep right on going – this time – completing the flippers, adding the tongue, and even drawing a separating line, something that will divide its underside and topside into two different colors.

Here’s what we’ve got…

Drawign the mouth, flippers and tail of the seal

Some final touches – and we’re just about done.

Here they are – some details on the other side of the seal’s mouth, and yes – a few more lines to complete its back flippers…

Finishing touches for drawing a simple seal

Right, and now that we’re all done our lines – here’s a simple black and white lineart of our cartoon seal…

Black and white drawing of a seal

And here’s how it looks with some color!

Cartoon drawing of a seal

And that… is that!

I’d say at this point, you’ve got a pretty good idea of how to draw a seal. Yes?


Remember too – now that you can draw this seal, and the walrus as well… you could probably go ahead and get creative to draw another couple of similar-shaped characters like an elephant seal or a sea lion.

Have fun!