How to Draw a Snowman

How to draw a snowman cartoon

Learning how to draw a snowman is something EVERYONE! should be able to do come winter. And truly… it’s much the same as making a real one. When drawing though, the help of a simple framework can really make a difference.

With the white space of your paper taking the place of the snow you’d be using to make a real one – let’s get stacking!

First Step – Stacking Circles, Easy as ‘1, 2, 3’

To begin – in order to help you visualize how your snowman will very soon take shape… have a look at the simple structure below. You can use these images as a guideline with lightly-sketched pencil lines… or just as a reference for how the shape will come to be.

Simple enough…

How to draw a snowman framework How to draw a snowman framework drawing

Keep in mind – there are all sorts of ways to tackle any cartoon drawing. You could reduce the body to only two circles if you like. Or maybe you want to create a more ‘anthro-like’ character.

Make the necessary changes – and then… let’s draw! 🙂

Second Step – How to Draw a Snowman, Step by Step

First up, give your character a unique ‘snowpersonish’ shape. The centerline – and cross if you need to use one… can really help as you mirror and map things out. Have fun – get creative… let’s see what kind of cool-looking version you can come up with!

Here are the steps…

How to draw a snowman face How to draw a snowman hat Completing the head of the cartoon snowman Drawing the scarf for a cartoon snowman Continuing with the scarf of the snowman Drawing a cartoon snowman scarf Drawing the neck part of the scarf Drawing the arms for the cartoon snowman Drawing the body for the cartoon snowman Drawing buttons for the cartoon snowman Black and white drawing of a cartoon snowman Drawing of a cartoon snowman

Alright – pretty well done now, I’d say. And coloring is a snap… snow is white – so just leave your paper blank in those snow-filled areas of the lines.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson… see you again soon for another! 🙂