How to Draw a Table

How to draw a table cartoon

Learning how to draw a table is a simple enough lesson, that pretty much anyone should be able to tackle it and create their own, without much fuss – yes, that means you! 🙂 And here, given that we’re drawing a ‘3D’ table… the use of simple guides can make things all the more easy.

The neat thing about this lesson though, is that instead of only one ‘look’ – I’d like to show you how to create your drawing in two different ways. On the left side of the page – no perspective considered – the object based on a simple box… and on the right side of the page – perspective IS considered, based on a tapered box – or better put – a vanishing point as it would appear to the upper right corner, far off in the distance.

That said – let’s get started!

First Step – How to Draw a Table – the Setup

First up, let’s go ahead and setup a simple guide from which to draw two slightly different-looking tables, one without perspective (left), and the other with perspective (right). The centerline is helpful in that it shows how when using a vanishing point – the object of focus will appear smaller – the further away from the observer it gets.

Here’s the setup…

A simple framework for drawing a cartoon table Drawing perspective lines for a cartoon table

On the left side, again – the table will be very simple and cube-like. Basically, we’re just cutting it (er… drawing it!) out of a simple cube. All lines – up, down, and across — will line up with a near-perfect imaginary cube.

On the right side, again – the table will also be simple, yet instead of being based on a perfect cube… will taper toward the back as much the same in real life — the further away the object is from the observer… the smaller it will get.

In drawing, we can create sketches that look more realistic – 3D, with depth taken into account, by using vanishing points. The green lines that you see in the image on the right all began at one single point, far off the page/screen – in the upper right-hand corner. A good way of picturing/comparing this – is to the sun, and the rays of light it emits. Far away, the rays of light become wider the further way from their ‘dot’ – the sun – the focal point… they are.

Now, with a better understanding of what’s going on — let’s draw two tables (left and right) in both 3D, yet both different in the ways we just discussed…

Second Step – How to Draw a Table, Step by Step

Now that we’ve got a couple nice and simple guides to work from (lightly sketched in pencil of course!) – go ahead and take out something darker – and more permanent.

And yes, let’s draw our tables!…

Drawing the top of a cartoon table Drawint the top of a cartoon table with lines Completing the top of a cartoon table Completing the top of a cartoon table with lines Drawing the legs of a cartoon table Drawing the legs of a cartoon table with lines Finished cartoon table Finished cartoon table with lines

Similar yes – but obviously different with respect to PERSPECTIVE. The table on the right looks different because the front appears closer to the observer – the back further away.

Alright, so know you know how to draw a table – two actually! Now, let’s do a final comparison with the two set side by side, colored and all…

Final Step – Compare the Two Tables

Side by side, these tables actually look kind of odd. And of course, that’s because they’re drawn based on different ‘visual contexts’ or again… perspectives! The table on the left is perfect to be viewed from that ‘3/4 Diablo II Video game angle‘… while the one on the left – perspective-wise according to the placement of the original vanishing point.

So depending on the situation, each table has its place…

A 3/4 view of a cartoon table Drawing of a cartoon table in perspective

So there you have it. How to draw a table – under wraps! Next up? Well, before you carry on – why not tap into your more creative side and see if you can’t give your table(s) some style. It’s kind of like the peanut butter sandwich lesson… based on a cube, yet curved at the right spots to take on the appearance of a sandwich.

Do the same with your table… get creative… have fun! 🙂