How to Draw a Turkey

How to draw a turkey cartoon

In this lesson, how to draw a turkey — let’s create a very unique-looking cartoon of this bird – one you probably haven’t ever seen or envisioned before! That’s the beauty of creating simple cartoons… there are zero boundaries in the way for just how creative we can get!

OK then – let’s draw it!

First Step – Visualize Two Large Circles… Take it from There

Really – turkey is composed of two large circles (minus the obvious neck and head). One is the core part of the bird – its body. The other accounts for the form of its tail feathers, positioned in behind.

This sort of plan will help you draw this bird…

Framework for drawing a cartoon turkey Adding shapes for drawing a cartoon turkey

Notice how I’ve used crosses to depict the curvature and placement of key features – as well as to indicate the 3/4 view of which this animal is facing. Simple subtle additions like this, make drawing – all the more easy!

On to the actual drawing part now…

Second Step – How to Draw a Turkey, Step by Step

Where to begin then? You guessed it!… the eyes. Bring the head and neck of your bird into view, before you venture on over to the other parts. In this way, sequence-wise… you’re ensuring to bring out those parts that would appear closest to the eye of the observer.

Those parts that are obscured… are sketched in later on…

Drawing the eye of the cartoon turkey Drawing the head and neck of the turkey How to draw a turkey's beak How to draw a turkey's neck Drawing the turkey's chest feathers Drawing the turkey's body and wing Drawing the turkey's tail feathers Continuing with the turkey's tail feathers Completing the turkey's tail feathers Drawing the turkey's feat Black and white drawing of a turkey Cartoon drawing of a turkey

Gotta love that touch of blue on the turkey’s head. Of course – you can color yours any way you like. Get creative and see what sort of interesting combinations you can come up with.

And there it is – you now know how to draw another cartoon bird! 🙂