How to Draw a Unicorn

Cartoon unicorn image

When creating this lesson – how to draw a unicorn, I thought it would be neat to pay homage to the popular animated film The Last Unicorn, from 1982.

So yes, the version you see above – is a likeness to the one in the movie – a very feminine, elegant take on this magical fantasy creature.

Ok, ready to draw?

Great – let’s go!

How to Draw a Unicorn Step by Step

Starting things off – let’s first block out the various shapes that might compose our character.

Of course, a unicorn is basically a "horse with a horn" – so let’s see if we can simplify the structure of the animal, down to something really simple to work with and start from… circles!

Here’s how the head and body can be visualized…

Circles for drawing a cartoon unicorn

And next – establishing a framework from which to base our unicorn character… go ahead and sketch in the legs, neck and back – with very simple lines like so…

Drawing the framework of a unicorn

Alright, looking good.

Remember, just because I’m blocking things out in this way – with these shapes, doesn’t mean you have to do it *exactly* like this – or at all for that matter.

I do this ahead of time, so you can get some sort of appreciation for how lightly sketching the forms/shapes of the character you’re drawing *before* you lay down the final lines – can help.

Get your structure and proportion down first – and the fun part, is all the more enjoyable when it comes time.

Here’s how to draw a unicorn framework…

A detailed framework for drawing a cartoon unicorn

Well, how about we go ahead and start drawing now – beginning with the ear, eye and snout – just like this…

Drawing the eye and snout of the cartoon unicorn

When learning how to draw a unicorn – there are all sorts of different ways you can go about it.

Here though – I think it’s helpful to keep working around the head – and then gradually, down toward the body.

A few more lines then – slowly bringing the character into view…

Drawing the lower head and upper body of the cartoon unicorn

See how the hair is strategically placed, to flow *just* in front of the horn?

Play around with your design – maybe you want to include a neat-looking pattern at the horn’s base. Maybe you want to give your unicorn longer spiky hair? Maybe no hair at all!

Get creative…

Drawing the horn and lower body of the cartoon unicorn

More flowing lines, gradually bringing the mane into view (there’s no right way to do this – have fun with it!) – here’s what we’ve got so far…

Drawign the hair and legs of the unicorn

Well, with most of the hair in place – and those parts appearing closer to the observer drawing first, you can then go ahead and sketch in further back parts – like for example, the other ear.

Here’s how to draw a unicorn ear – smaller, appearing further back in the drawing – along with its back and legs…

How to draw the hair and back of a unicorn

Alright – we’re getting close to being done!

Next, go ahead and draw in some finishing touches with the hair – and also… draw in the back legs and hooves – like so…

Drawing the back legs and hooves of the unicorn

With the tail – you can pretty much use the same approach as we did with the mane. Long flowing lines connecting at points, pay attention to where the lines end up – after they pass behind the unicorn’s leg.

Here’s how to draw a unicorn tail…

Drawing the unicorn's tail

Well, looks like we’ve finally reached the end… how did yours turn out?

Here’s how the finished version looks – black and white lines only…

Black and white drawing of a unicorn

And then – same as ever, with a splash of carefully selected colors…

Cartoon drawing of a unicorn

We’re done!

And that’s how to draw a unicorn – well, one of many different ways of course.

I hope you had a blast with this lesson – and also, I hope you dug real deep and got super creative along the way, coming up with a totally cool-looking unicorn character (size, shape, colors, pattern, ears, horn design, etc.).

See you again soon!