How to Draw Aliens from Alien

How to draw aliens from the movie Alien

In this lesson – how to draw aliens… let’s tackle one of the scariest ones ever imagined – and then brought to the big screen. Here, I’ve created a likeness to the ones you see in the movie series – as well as alongside ‘Predator‘.

With so many intricate details – and various looks too (see the action figures!) – there’s lots of room to get creative here and come up with your own homage to this popular sci-fi creature.

And by the way – this is the first lesson that visitors picked as part of the ‘You Decide!‘ section.

And we’re off!

First Step – Crouched in a 3/4 View…

There are certain parts that need to be brought forward ahead of time, if you’re planning on establishing and maintaining strict proportion. Below, I’ve simplified the structure of one of these creatures into a series of simple-to-draw shapes and lines.

Here’s how it looks…

Drawing three circles for an alien framework Drawing a simple alien framework Adding dividing lines to the framework Adding defining features to the alien framework

In your case – use all of this guideline – or even parts of it – depending on how much planning you feel the need to put in to your drawing at this stage. Remember – I color code things to make it more visible for you.

Lightly sketched penciled lines will do the trick in your case – and when you’re all done – you can erase them.

Let’s create an awesome-looking alien!!

Second Step – How to Draw Aliens, from Start to Finish

No eyes to be seen – the logical place to begin, is still with its head. And OK – if we can call it a cranium – then sure… let’s start there.

As you’re working through these steps, note that I follow a specific sequence as this felt most natural to me when moving forward. If you feel comfortable tackling parts in a different way — by all means DO!

The lesson…

Drawing the long head of the alien Adding details to the alien head Drawing the alien head teeth Drawing more alien head details Drawing tubes and lines for alien head details Drawing the arm of the alien Drawing the hand of the alien Drawing the leg of the alien Drawing the torso of the alien Drawing the other half of the alien's torso Drawing the alien's stomach Drawing the alien's pelvis Drawing the alien's legs Drawing the alien's feet Drawing the alien's other arm Drawing the alien's other hand Beginning the alien's tail Drawing the spikes for the alien Black and white drawing of an alien Cartoon drawing of an alien from the movie Alien

For an other-wise ‘mono colored’ creature – the orange here really does a nice job in not only making the drawing STAND OUT – but also, making it unique. I remember an action figure that looked similar to this… the orange spikes would pop right out of its back when you clicked a button.

Well – there’s the lesson, I really hope you enjoyed it! 🙂