How to Draw Anime Hair

How to draw Anime Hair

In this manga-focused lesson, learn how to draw anime hair – in such a way that you can get super creative, having the ‘spikes’ look messy and random, just as this style is often depicted.

Sound good? Great. Let’s get on with it!…

First Step – A BIG Circle to Help Visualize Some BIG Hair

To begin, take a quick look at the initial images below. Taken from the "eyes" lesson from before – we’re using the face of a male anime character. The details aren’t necessary here. It’s purpose is to simply mark off the face area, so you know where the hair can be drawn into place.

Here’s how it looks…

Drawing of a simple anime cartoon face Defining an area to draw the hair

The circle above, marks off the area that I plan to draw the hair in and around. The green line marks off the hairline. This is just a visualization/framework tool that if you like – can incorporate as you bring your unique hairstyle into view.

To the board…

Second Step – How to Draw Anime Hair, Step by Step

Beginning with the bangs, go ahead and bring each strand of hair into view, one piece at a time. As you do so, don’t be afraid to try out a unique idea or two of your own. You can make the strands thicker for example, to look like Naruto.

In short, different variations yield different looks. Here are the steps…

Drawing the first strand of anime hair Drawing the front part of the anime hair Drawing the first few outer strands of anime hair Drawing anime hair in behind Addig more anime hair Drawing hair on top of the head Drawing more anime hair Drawing lots of spikey anime hair Drawing anime hair almost complete Drawing of anime hair colored green

In the end – all said and drawn… the result is something… well… ‘animeish!’ Color the hair green, orange – whichever… something to best match the new look for your new character in development.

And other than this – you’re done! 🙂