How to Draw Bart Simpson

How to draw Bart Simpson cartoon

Learning how to draw Bart Simpson off of – you guessed it!… The Simpsons, is pretty simple to do. Here though, I’ve made it a bit easier for you by coming up with simple framework to help guide you through.

In the cartoon, Bart’s skateboard usually has an orange line as opposed to the lightning bolt that I drew on it. I just did this to change things up… maybe you can come up with your own cool design on his skateboard. Actually, you might want to change what he’s holding altogether… a slingshot?… a Squishee?… see what you can come up with!

Here’s how to draw Bart…

First Step – How to Draw Bart’s Head

Before I began creating this lesson, I wanted to make sure you could easily draw Bart’s head. A bit different from some characters, his head is actually composed of two main shapes when you break it down… a circle and a rectangle. In the framework that kick’s off this part of the lesson, you can see just how it’s incorporated these two shapes.

Here’s how to draw Bart’s head…

How to draw Bart Simpson framework How to draw Bart Simpson's eye and nose How to draw Bart Simpson's eyes and ear How to draw Bart Simpson's head How to draw Bart Simpson's spiky hair and mouth How to draw Bart Simpson's open mouth

The rectangle helps to get the top part of Bart’s head just right. Truly though, it’s actually very easy to draw this part on its own. Always remember – the guideline is there so you can ‘get a feel’ for the structure of the drawing. It helps to layout the BIG picture, establishing proportion early on.

Be sure to try it without the guideline too though. With practice, you’ll get better at drawing part from memory – and this of course is where we want to be!

Second Step – How to Draw Bart’s Body

In this particular pose, it looks as though Bart’s pretty excited… my guess is that he just completed some crazy death defying stunt like jumping over a canyon or something! 🙂 Using the guideline to help you move forward, go ahead and sketch in his body like so…

How to draw Bart Simpson's shirt How to draw Bart Simpson's shirt sleeves How to draw Bart Simpson's arms How to draw Bart Simpson's hands How to draw Bart Simpson's shorts How to draw Bart Simpson's short bottoms How to draw Bart Simpson's legs How to draw Bart Simpson's shoes

At the very end, you come to Bart’s left hand. And looking back at the image up top, you’ll see I’ve gone ahead and drawn his skateboard in. For your drawing though – there might be something else you can put here.

Alright, let’s take a look at the finished drawing…

Final Step – Extra Ideas for Your Drawing…

Cartoon drawing of Bart Simpson with a skateboard

So, how does your drawing of Bart Simpson look at this point? Did you go with the skateboard? Or did you try something different?

When your drawing is finished, take out an eraser (if you used a guideline) and get rid of the underlying lines. Do this, and it’s time to add some color.

Now that you know how to draw Bart from this lesson, why not try drawing him in different poses. Or better yet – keep to the pose we’ve got him in here and, sketch him to look as he appears in some of the different Simpsons episodes.

You could draw him as ‘Bartman’ with his mask and cape, and holding a "batarang"! Or you might want to draw ‘older Bart’. Or how about Bart’s evil twin!? Just have to change his hair, and a few other details.

Nice job on this one… hope you enjoyed it!