How to Draw Batman

How to draw Batman cartoon drawing

How to draw Batman! He’s almost everyone’s favorite superhero and here we’re going to draw him, super-sized ‘batarangs’ and all.

Like all superheroes, the Dark Knight has unique key physical features that make him who he is. And so long as we include these features in our drawings – it shouldn’t be too difficult to recreate a simplified drawing in his image.

Oh – and since Batman is so popular, I ensured to make this lesson ULTRA-simple… this way everyone can draw him!

Let’s do it!

First Step – How to Draw Batman’s Head

Begin your drawing with a simple little stick person, just like the one I’ve drawn below. A centerline will be helpful too as you can use it to mirror the left and right sides. Another tip too – draw a cross over the circle so that you divide his face into quadrants. Make sure you use lightly sketched pencil lines for the underlying framework so that you can easily erase them in the end.

OK then – here’s how to draw Batman’s head…

Drawing a simple Batman framework How to draw Batman's cowl How to draw Batman's mask How to draw Batman's mouth

Not too difficult at all when you make use of the simple circle and guidelines in your framework. If you want, you can make some slight changes in his look as you work through. Remember – there are more than one look that Batman can take on. Draw yours to suit the one you’re going for.

And now – let’s tackle the rest of his body…

Second Step – Draw Batman’s Body

Next up, a series of examples to help you bring the rest of your cartoon Batman into view. Starting with the central features, and working your way out from there…

How to draw Batman's symbol and belt buckle How to draw Batman's hands and underwear How to draw Batman's fists and boots How to draw Batman's gloves and legs How to draw Batman's arms How to draw Batman's cape

Several steps later and your cartoon Batman drawing is beginning to look a lot more like the Dark Knight.

What’s next then?

Draw in the BATARANGS!!

Final Step – Give Batman Some Batarangs!

Cartoon Drawing of Batman

Another how to draw lesson just about complete… but first — why not draw a couple ‘batarangs’ – similar to how I’ve done in the example to the left.

Basically, all you’re doing is drawing a couple Batman symbols, angled so that your character looks to be holding them. Practice a few times on the side until you’re comfortable with drawing them, and then – sketch them in.

Alert and ready for action – you’re cartoon Batman is finally complete!

What’s next then? Add some color!

And that’s how to draw Batman using a very simple method. Hope you enjoyed the lesson and come on back soon for another. Spiderman sound good? Great! 🙂