How to Draw Bowser

Cartoon drawing of Bowser, the turtle-shelled villain from Super Mario Brothers.

Let’s learn how to draw Bowser – easily one of the coolest video game villains ever, from Nintendo’s mega hit game(s) – Super Mario Brothers!

His look is so distinct – unique – memorable… all the ingredients for an awesome boss in any video game.

Here, let’s draw him. I hope the planning part, helps you to more easily bring your character into view.

First Step – Like a Dragon… With a Shell!

If you can picture a cross between a dragon and a turtle, then already – you’re well on your way to being able to create a homage to this character on the page in front of you.

These two images should help…

How to draw a framework for Bowser. Completing the framework for Bowser.

See how I’ve marked off those key physical attributes/features – that once acknowledged – SCREAM… THIS IS BOWSER!! 🙂

Use them as pre-drawing visual aids… or use them as sketching guides. And when you’re ready – let’s draw.

Second Step – How to Draw Bowser from Mario Brothers

His eyes locked between his bushy orange eyebrows, and his alligator-like snout… it’s logical here, to bring the snout and/or eyebrows into view… BEFORE the eyes. Have a quick look up top again, and you’ll see how the eyes are ‘set in behind‘.

Here’s how the lesson pans out. As always, do your best to tap into that more creative side… let go… make it happen!

First thing then – draw the snout of the character…

Drawing the beginning of Bowser's mouth. Completing a drawing of Bower's mouth.

And next, keep right on going – drawing the teeth and mouth of Bowser.

Drawing the snout of Bowser. Drawing the mouth of Bowser.

On to the eyebrows next – followed by his eyes, as they are tucked in behind the snout…

Drawing the eyebrows of Bowser. Drawing the face of Bowser.

Working in a specific sequence – next it makes sense to draw the left horn, the hair – and then begin drawing the cuffs on his left arm…

Drawing the hair of Bowser. Beginning the left arm cuffs of Bowser.

Keep going now – drawing the arm in behind the cuffs, followed by the left leg…

Drawing Bowser's left arm. Drawing Bowser's left arm and foot.

Now go ahead and start drawing the turtle-like underbelly…

Drawing Bowser's underside. Completing Bowser's underside.

The other arm (hand) and leg – mirroring things over…

Drawing Bowser's right and left limbs. Drawing Bowser's right hand.

And finally – on to the spikes, completing Bowser’s shell – like so…

Drawing the spikes on Bowser's back. Drawing Bowser's turtle shell.

And then at last – we’ve got our finished black-lined drawing, right next to the colored, finished product…

Black and white drawing of Bowser from Nintendo. Cartoon drawing of Bowser from Super Mario Brothers.

Ah yes – as pretty much always… it’s the color pattern that seals the deal, and lets us observe this drawing as a likeness to the subject at hand. In this way, even if it takes a few tries to get those lines "just right"… the colors (orange, green, yellow…) really do help to make the final product all the more convincing.

You now know how to draw bowser.

And yes – that’s a wrap. This lesson will soon become part of an entirely new section – all about Video Game Characters! 🙂