How to Draw Bugs Bunny

How to draw Bugs Bunny cartoon image

The ultimate in Looney Tunes – here, let’s learn how to draw Bugs Bunny, perhaps the most popular cartoon rabbit on the entire planet. Surely though – we’ve all got our favorites. Tweety, Taz, Daffy – I myself was always a big Road Runner fan.

How about you?

Back to Bugs now – as everyone knows… he LOVES carrots. So naturally and generously… I gave him two in this drawing lesson. 🙂

Alright, let’s begin!

First Step – How to Draw a Bugs Bunny Framework

Viewed straight on, drawing Bugs is easier as you can get a nice feel for his general form, when sketched about a centerline.

Here’s how to create a simple framework, one that will really make the drawing process all the more simple – if you so choose to use this approach…

A simple framework for drawing Bugs Bunny Adding to your Bugs Bunny framework Adding circles and ovals for Bugs Bunny's hands and feet Finished Bugs Bunny framework

Just like Mickey Mouse – Bugs Bunny’s got some pretty large feet. Circles and ovals help to bring them into view.

Also, regarding the carrots in his hands… I used a couple ‘marker lines’ to show you the position. Carrots or whatever – use this approach to help visualize A – what you’re going to put there eventually, and B – how the hands will need to be drawn before-hand, so that you can draw what he’s holding in behind his closing fingers and thumbs.

OK. That said/drawn, let’s now begin with his head…

Second Step – How to Draw Bugs Bunny’s Head

While drawing the head of any other rabbit is fairly simple to do – it’s really important that you get some key parts – BANG ON – so that it looks like Bugs. This is of course essential whenever you’re drawing ‘someone else’s’ character.

If you like though – after working through this lesson once or twice… you could ‘branch off’ if you like – and come up with your own unique rabbit cartoon character, based on the framework we came up with here.

It will be fun to see what you can come up with!

In a somewhat unusual approach compared to other characters – here’s how to draw Bugs Bunny’s head…

How to draw Bugs Bunny's nose and mouth How to draw Bugs Bunny's lower face How to draw Bugs Bunny's face How to draw Bugs Bunny's eyes How to draw Bugs Bunny's head How to draw Bugs Bunny's hair How to draw Bugs Bunny's outer ears How to draw Bugs Bunny's inner ears

Unusual in that I didn’t start with his eyes, stationing the muzzle/mouth area first makes the rest of his head a snap to complete..

And now — let’s draw his body!…

Final Step – Draw Bugs Bunny’s Body

Things are looking good now. And since our character’s nice and symmetrical, the rest of the lesson should play out nice and easy for you.

Starting by sketching out his mid-section, go ahead and complete your Bugs Bunny drawing using the examples below to help you progress…

How to draw Bugs Bunny's torso How to draw Bugs Bunny's body How to draw Bugs Bunny's legs How to draw Bugs Bunny's hands How to draw Bugs Bunny's feet How to draw Bugs Bunny's digits How to draw Bugs Bunny holding carrots Cartoon drawing of Bugs Bunny

And did you go with the carrots? Two sticks of dynamite maybe!?

Truly – there was never a shortage of props in any of the many Looney Tunes episodes. Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam certainly made sure of this!

And now – you’re done! Time to get out those pencil crayons and bring your now complete character into full-color view.

Nice work! 🙂

And other than this – you’re finished. Congrats on an excellent job. 🙂