How to Draw Cats

How to draw cats cartoon image

Learning how to draw cats can be pretty tricky if you’re not comfortable with a cat’s shape, and the form it takes on in different positions. Still though, if we resort to a simple guideline, you can quickly see that drawing cats is actually not that difficult at all.

Here, let’s draw a cat in a standing/walking position. And as always, add your own unique touch to the design. There are different parts as we work on through, that you might think about changing to look a different way. Get creative! 🙂

OK – let’s begin!

First Step – How to Draw a Simple Cat Framework

When learning how to draw cats, it’s helpful to reflect upon a simple guideline from which the animal takes form. Begin by drawing three circles, along with several lines to map out your cat’s head, body, limbs and tail.

Like so…

Simple framework for drawing cats A simple framework for drawing cartoon cats Developing a framework to draw cats Completed framework for drawing a cat

In this example, we’ve got the cat so its head is turned towards the observer — slightly to its left. Notice how the cross is curved to account for this turn. Also, notice how I marked in a bright green line, showing the direction of the cat’s snout.

Do the same if you think it will help you with your drawing. And – when you’re ready… let’s continue on with the lesson!…

Second Step – How to Draw Cats… the Head!

OK. All set to get drawing your cat? Perfect! Let’s get started.

Like with many of the lessons here on the site, start your cat off by sketching in the various parts of its head. Draw the left eye and nose first, and then continue forward with the snout, and the other eye — slightly obscured due to the angle of which the cat’s head is turned…

Drawing the eye and nose of a cat Drawing the other eye and snout Drawing the hair on its head Drawing the hair at the side of its head Continuing with the hair on the cat's head Finishing the head of the cat

Looking alright up to this point? Remember, the head of my cat is drawn in my own unique way. With the position of the head mapped out in relation to the rest of the body, there’s no reason why you can’t experiment at this point and apply some different looks. For example, you might want to give your cat a furrier, wider, ‘Himilayan-style‘ head. Or, perhaps a skinnier, pointy-eared ‘Rex-style‘ cat is something you’re after.

Whichever route you go, take your time and have some fun with it. Adjust the eyes – the nose – the mouth – add some teeth – whiskers! (woops – I forgot mine!!)… and whatever else you think will make your cat all the more neat-looking.

Next up — how to draw cat’s bodies…

Third Step – How to Draw Cats… the Body!

In this lesson, our cartoon cat is going to standing and/or walking – depending on how you position the legs. With the head in place, we can now work our way to the right, drawing in the front legs, the neck, and the body.

Here’s how to draw a cat’s body…

Drawing the arm of a cartoon cat Drawing the paw of the cat Beginning to draw the body of the cat Drawing the hind leg of the cartoon cat Drawing the tail of the cat Completing the cat drawing

Using the circles as markers for the core parts of your cat’s body, drawing the lines in and around them to bring the cat’s form into view is fairly simple. Notice the paws… in some cases you can see all three toes (cartoon-style), but in others – less. This has everything to do with the angle at which the paws are being viewed.

And well, at this stage – you’re all done the lesson! Grab an eraser and remove the underlying framework. If you kept your lines extra light, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Something you may want to do actually… go ahead and color your cat first. Then after, go over your lines once more with a black marker. It’ll really make your drawing stand out!

Alright… you’re done! That’s how to draw cats. Hope you enjoyed the lesson… come on back very soon — there’s a ‘How to Draw Dogs’ lesson soon to follow this one. 🙂