How to Draw Charizard from Pokemon

How to draw Charizard from Pokemon image

Here in this lesson – how to draw Charizard from the Pokemon universe…

You’re first reaction when looking above at the finished product *might be* something like – hey!… that’s not EXACTLY what the character looks like!

And if so… good! 🙂

The whole point here, was to take the character in its original state – and using my own unique style, put a twist on things so that it looks more unique to the way that I like to draw.

It still looks like a dragon. It’s still orange. Etc. But it’s the subtle changes in sizing, line quality, eyes, shapes, etc. – that allow us to really get in there and put a "stamp" on our own uniqueness.

Please please please… do the same. Always!

Let’s draw…

How to Draw Charizard from Pokemon, Step by Step

Off once again on another cartoon drawing lesson – here, given that we’re drawing a dragon character… for sure, our planning phase will be a little bit more complex than usual.

Here’s a neat way to start – beginning with a line of action (he’s going to be leaning to the side), and then a few simple circles – marking off the head and body.

Like this…

Line of action and circles for drawing Charizard

So see how that line of action helps to bring everything else together in the pose?

Continuing on with the framework – keep going – building up an arrangement of basic shapes to resemble Charizard.

Of course, you can just visualize this step if you like. It’s whatever works for you!

Visualizing the structure of Charizard with simple shapes

Alright – here goes now with the actual drawing part.

So starting with the head then – here’s how to draw Charizard from Pokemon, one step at a time…

Oh! And one more thing. The steps in this lesson are "grouped" more so – as it’s a bit more advanced in approach. The main thing, is knowing what areas to focus on in each part of the lesson.

Play around with your lines, shapes, etc. – and at each stage… make it unique!

Drawing the head of Charizard from Pokemon

Next up – let’s get in there and draw Charizard’s horns.

Notice – even though this version is different from the original (check out a reference image on Google) – you can see how I’ve pretty much got the basic look in check.

It’s two horns – not six! And yes, the size and shape of the head is close – but not bang on.

The "likeness" is what’s important…

Drawing Charizard's horns and mouth

Moving on down the drawing now – go ahead and sketch in Charizard’s left arm – as well as his neck and belly.

Doesn’t it just "make sense" to draw these parts first?

How to draw Charizard's body

On to the legs now, and also the right arm…

One thing to note is how I’m switching up between curved and straight lines. When drawing, it’s a good idea to create a balance between the two – as it can give off a nicer appeal.

Here’s how to draw Charizard, so far…

Drawing Charizard's right arm and legs

Up to the wings now – and then down to the tail and feet…

Can you see where I "cheated" with the drawing?

If you look at the positioning of the right (your left) wing – you’ll notice I’ve pushed it further behind the horn (to the left) – away from where it was originally intended. In doing so, it will create a nicer silhouette, as part of the horn bump, still shows.

It’s little things like this that you simply MUST be aware of!…

How to draw Charizard's wings, tail and feet

Yes yes yes – we’re just about finished now.

Under the wings – fire and claws… here’s how to wrap up your Charizard Pokemon cartoon character in just a few more lines…

Drawing Charizard's inner wings, nails and fire

And, voila! – minus the roughly sketched underlying framework, we’ve now got a nice clean black and white lineart of Charizard…

Black and white lineart drawing of Charizard from Pokemon

And then as alway – with a splash of color…

Cartoon drawing of Charizard from Pokemon

We’re done! Mission how to draw Charizard – complete.


How did it go?

Did you totally go off and create a totally unique version of Charizard — one that’s even different than the one I drew?


That’s how to do it.

Well, thanks for stopping by – and of course, see you really soon for the next lesson 🙂