How to Draw Dogs

How to draw dogs - picture of a great dane

If you’re a dog lover, than learning how to draw dogs like this one is something I’m sure you’ll love. Here we’ll tackle drawing a simple cartoon dog – one that has a Great Dane sort of look to it. Actually – yes… this pretty much is a Great Dane, isn’t it!

This in mind then, use this lesson to help you draw larger dogs. It could be helpful for drawing Dobermans and Boxers as well. Then again, I’m sure if we were working on a smaller scale – the dog could take on a number of different looks.

Right then – here’s how to draw dogs…

First Step – Draw a Framework for Your Dog

Similar to the cat lesson from before, you can get a jump start on your drawing by first mapping out a simple guideline from which to establish and maintain proportion throughout your drawing. If you keep your lines super duper light, then lifting them off the page with a quality kneaded eraser will be a sinch when the time comes.

Here’s how to draw a framework for your dog…

A simple framework for drawing cartoon dogs How to draw dogs - a simple framework

Right away – even without the lines… we can already see this dog as more of a ‘big dog’ type – something like a Great Dane or a Boxer. Surely though, if you examine the form of some other dogs – not too far off in form when compared… you could make some subtle changes (snout, ears, weight) and come up with a breed closer to what you’re aiming for.

Anyway, on with the lesson now — here’s how to draw dogs!…

Second Step – How to Draw the Head of the Dog

From start to finish, let’s move on through the lesson, slowly bringing our cartoon dog into view. And yes, same as we did with the cat from the last lesson, start off with some simple lines in and around the head area. The eye and nose are always best to begin with.

Just like this …

Drawing the eye and nose of a cartoon dog Drawing the snout of a great dane cartoon Drawing the mouth of a cartoon dog Drawing the ear of a cartoon dog How to draw dogs - finishing the head How to draw dogs - drawing the chest

Alright… how’s everything coming along? Head all sketched? Something I’d like to add… you could give your dog floppy ears too if you like. Just make sure you draw them before the third phase in the images above. The ear will droop down over the cheek – giving your dog a different (Dalmatian?) look altogether.

Let’s keep on going now – here’s how to draw dogs, focusing on the body…

Third Step – Draw the Body of Your Dog

Up to this point, I’d hope you’re a bit more comfortable with learning how to draw dogs. I hope the framework’s helping you maintain proportion… it’s a real life saver sometimes – as proportion can be frustrating when you just can’t seem to get it right.

Anyway, here’s how to draw the body of your dog…

How to draw dogs - drawing the front leg How to draw dogs - drawing the body Drawing the entire dog Drawing the other limbs of the dog

In the final example above, the location of the pupils in the dog’s big round cartoony eyes, makes it look as though it’s looking right at us! Kinda neat, as when we started out… the dog looked more so to be standing/viewing forward. A few little tricks with the lines, and we can change the way the drawing is perceived quite drastically. Compare this final image above with the colored version above to see what I mean.

At this point, you’ll want to get rid of the guideline underneath. Also, regarding color — see about what kind of dog you want yours to be. The pattern/color of its coat alone is a huge factor in making your canine come across as one type over another.

And other than that — you are all done! Nice job on this one… you now know how to draw dogs! 🙂