How to Draw Dragons

Cartoon drawing of a flying dragon

Learning how to draw dragons – simple and flying through the air like the one above, is fairly simple to do. Here, I’ve made sure to keep all of the lines basic and to the point. That, and an easy-to-sketch guideline from which you can use to help maintain proportion in your drawing.

Ready to begin then? Here’s how to draw dragons…

First Step – How to Draw Dragons… a Framework

Below are two examples showing you how I came about a guideline from which to draw the dragon in this lesson. Dragons often have narrower heads, and so I included a simple triangle from which to base it around.

Like so…

Framework for how to draw dragons A framework for drawing flying dragons

The rest of the guideline is pretty straight forward. The only tricky part here, is how to draw the wing spokes in the right position. Take your time and eye them out so that they are spaced about equal – and also, so that the left one is slightly smaller than the right (your right) – as it’s positioned a bit further away from the observer.

Now let’s check out how to draw this dragon!

Second Step – How to Draw a Cartoon Dragon Head

In this lesson, I decided to go with more of a ‘cute’ look. But if you like – change your drawing up so that it has a bit more of an edge to it. Instead of big circular ‘cartoony’ eyes like I’ve drawn, you might want to opt for something a bit smaller and narrower, minus the pupils – giving off a meaner look to your dragon.

In only a few simple lines, here’s how to draw the head of your dragon…

Draw the eye and mouth of your cartoon dragon Drawing the snout of the cartoon dragon Drawing the other eye and ear of the dragon A simple head for a flying cartoon dragon

Notice how I’ve left a couple parts of the head out of the picture so far. The right horn for example – while I will draw it later – falls in behind the spikes that I’m planning to include along the dragon’s neck, back and tail. Because the first spike would be obstructing the right horn, I’m going to leave it until later on. Little tips like this can help you out… it’ll save you from having to erase later on. Still, if you’re a fan of erasing, by all means do. Through lots of experience though, I’ve come to see that a little planning ahead of time can really make the drawing experience all the more enjoyable. 🙂

Next up – let’s move on with how to draw the neck and body…

Third Step – How to Draw Dragon’s Bodies

Referencing the central oval, along with the ‘limb lines’ that extend outwards from it – drawing the neck, limbs and body of your dragon is a much easier task. The two examples below illustrate this quite nicely…

Drawing the body of the cartoon dragon
Drawing the limbs of the flying cartoon dragon

Something to add — if you’ve gone to tackle some of the other more difficult dragon drawing lessons, you’ll see that there are more lines involved, making the drawings more detailed and well – more complex. Remember – just because this lesson is Intermediate-level, doesn’t mean you can’t ‘bump things up‘ a notch. You can use the positioning ideas of your dragon here in this lesson, and apply it to drawing a more complex dragon from some of the others. And yes – the same goes for making some of the more complex lessons simpler.

Second-last step now… how to draw the rest of your dragon!

Fourth Step – How to Draw the Wings, Tail and Details

With the framework as your guide, drawing the extended cartoony wings of your dragon is a snap. Work your way along the lines, deviating wherever you feel necessary. And yes, because the right wing (your left) is seen to be a bit further back – make sure you draw it second.

OK – here’s how to draw the rest of your dragon…

Beginning the wings of the flying dragon Drawing the second wing of the dragon Drawing the skin between the dragon's wings Drawing the tail of the dragon

Just about finished now… you can see that there are still a couple things we’ve yet to include — the end of the tail and the right horn on the dragon’s head. Oh – and the lines along its belly too! This is pretty easy to do, and in the following and final example – you can see what it looks like complete.

Final Step – You Know How to Draw Dragons!

Drawing of a cartoon dragon

Everything finished now? Got the tail, horn and remaining details drawn? Excellent!

If you like, go ahead and take your drawing a step further. You can add some scales in the form of small repeating arcs – similar to how fish scales look. Or, how about a series of simple circles for some spots?

Same with other parts of your dragon as well, there are lots of different ways to change things up so that it becomes more unique to your own style of drawing.

Anyway – let’s wrap things up here.

Congrats on a job very well done – you now know how to draw dragons! 🙂