How to Draw Elmo

Cartoon Drawing of Elmo from Sesame Street

This lesson – how to draw Elmo – is especially simple as this character takes on a very generic ‘humanoid’ shape – and with respect to the fur — can be reproduced quite randomly along a pre-formed structure.

Ready to draw? Awesome – let’s begin…

First Step – Draw the Structure About a Centerline

If you can come up with a similar guideline like the framework I’ve shown below – then you’re well on your way to drawing this character…

Framework for drawing Elmo Completed framework for drawing a cartoon Elmo

Notice the position of the cross – usually bridging the center of the circle. Here – the connection point is at the top as just like a crocodile or frog – that’s exactly where his eyes sit!

Let’s continue!

Second Step – Bring Your Sesame Street Character to Life!

Beginning with the eye/nose combo, and then following up with his big ‘moon-shaped’ mouth, go ahead and bring the form of your character into view. Actually – once the head is in place, the body is quite simple as you can just follow along the outline of the framework using randomly-sketched ‘spiky’lines to resemble fur.

The steps…

Drawing Elmo's eyes and nose Drawing Elmo's mouth and head Drawing Elmo's body How to draw Elmo's arms How to draw Elmo's legs How to draw Elmo's hands and feet Lineart drawing of Elmo Cartoon picture of Elmo from Sesame Street

In the end – you can see that only the outline of the body was accounted for – making things all the more simple. There are no overlapping lines that I may sometimes incorporate to make things look a little more ‘3D’ – adding depth.

Here though – there’s really no need. Simple and to the point – that’s it! 🙂