How to Draw Eyes

How to draw eyes image

In learning how to draw eyes – cartoony like the set you see above, the possibilities are unlimited as to how you go about it. Big – small – circular – ovular… depending on the look you’re trying to establish, it all comes down to trial and error to find the most appropriate image for your character.

Here, let’s take a look at creating four unique sets of eyes – all based on the very same ‘cartoon head’. This way, with the most subtle of differences, you can better appreciate just how easy it is to come up with a look that’s uniquely your own!

Let’s get started!

First Step – A Guideline for Four Unique Sets of Eyes

Prior to the drawing part – and for the sake of comparison – go ahead and draw a simple cross & circle layout, just like the one you see below. If you wanted to – you could print this one out. But really, it should be easy enough to sketch using a ruler and a compass.

Lines nice and light – here’s how it looks…

Simple frameworks for drawing eyes
Four different head drawings

Then – once you’ve got a layout to work with, draw in some ‘cartoon heads’ similar (not necessarily the same!) to the ones you see above. Again, keep your lines light – and also — don’t put too much emphasis on this part… it’s just a guide to help visualize potential looks a character may take on with subtle changes in the eyes.

All set up? Super! Let’s begin…

Second Step – How to Draw Eyes, Step by Step

Below, working along with small changes at a time, there are four different approaches to drawing simple cartoon eyes. Top left and around clockwise, we’ve got 1 – Solid Black Dots, 2 – Circular ‘Simpsonish’ Eyes’, 3 – Overlapped Ovals (Kind of Like Anime), and 4 – Ovular ‘People-Like’ Eyes, these ones taking on the look of a girl.

Keep in mind though – these are only examples, and if anything — are meant to inspire you to come up with your own unique cartoon eyes – ones perfect for a brand new character!

Let’s draw!

Drawing the first part of four different sets of eyes
Drawing the pupils for the cartoon eyes
Drawing the eyebrows and eyelashes
Adding white to show light reflection
Picture of cartoon eyes

When you’re all done – it’s quite clear… even though each character’s head is structurally the same… the eyes make all the difference in the world with respect to the unique development of your character. Kind of changes the perspective of things – doesn’t it!?

And now – given these four examples, your mind hopefully a little bit more open to the infinite possibilities that await… take your characters to a new level, coming up with some cool cartoon eyes of your very own!

Congrats on a job well done. That’s how to draw eyes – well four anyway!… the cartoon way. 🙂