How to Draw Gumby

How to draw Gumby cartoon image

Made of clay and ready to play – this is how to draw Gumby… everyone’s favorite ‘play dough-type’ cartoon character. Well, my favorite anyways. 🙂

I remember when I was younger – having an action figure based on this character. Along with his sidekick ‘Pokey’ – an orange horse, also made of clay!… you could bend them in all sorts of different ways, as there were wires strung through the middle. Fun stuff!

Let’s get to this!

First Step – Carve Your Character from a Block of Clay

Seeing how Gumby emerges from an actual block of clay – that is what he’s made of after all… we can visualize his structure beginning with a simple rectangle. Then, bringing in his anthropomorphic elements – we gradually see his form come into view.

Like so…

How to draw Gumby - rectangle framework How to draw Gumby - simple framework drawing

Keep in mind – unlike many characters, this guy’s simple enough that you can draw mix up his look within a certain range. His features are simple and rounded – and he’s green!… so experiment with a number of different looks for fun.

Let’s get molding

Second Step – How to Draw Gumby

Beginning with his face – and of course, the eyes!… go ahead and sketch out your character similar to how I’ve done below. Using this sequence – I think you’ll have the best results, as each previous step is designed to instill confidence in the drawer – so the next one’s a snap! 🙂

Let’s go Gumby!

How to draw Gumby - drawing the face How to draw Gumby - completing the face How to draw Gumby - drawing the head How to draw Gumby - completing the body How to draw Gumby - drawing the arms How to draw Gumby - drawing the hands How to draw Gumby black and white cartoon image How to draw Gumby cartoon picture

Kind of a cute character – wouldn’t you agree? Notice how I added a couple ‘drops of white’ in his otherwise completely solid eyes. Truly, clay isn’t going to reflect any light in the way a regular person’s eyes would – but then again – hey – this is after all a cartoon! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this one… care to tackle Pokey now?