How to Draw Hello Kitty

How to draw Hello Kitty cartoon image

Well, here’s how to draw Hello Kitty – a very cute and VERY EASY TO DRAW! – kitten. 🙂

Something that really impresses me with respect to drawing, and with this character in particular – is the simplicity involved with its creation. Hello Kitty contains all the key elements that a ‘cute character’ should include: big head, no neck, little body, rounded lines, etc. Combing cuteness with simple and you’ve got a winner!

And on that note – here’s how to draw Hello Kitty!

First Step – How to Draw Hello Kitty’s Head

Really, the character itself pretty much boils down to one simple shape – an oval. Sure, we should also account for the body, but it’s the simplicity in which her head is designed that makes her all the more popular – and again… cute.

OK – let’s draw Hello Kitty’s head…

How to draw Hello Kitty - simple framework How to draw Hello Kitty - drwawing the face How to draw Hello Kitty - drawing the head How to draw Hello Kitty - drawing the ears and bow

I should mention at this point – symmetry is crucial when drawing Hello Kitty. Getting the eyes and nose to line up just rightis very very important. The slightest bit off, and well – it just won’t look the same. I think the center cross in this lesson will be very helpful to you for getting things just right. And hey, if it takes a couple tries to do so – then so be it. Besides, more practice is a good thing!

Next up, let’s draw Hello Kitty’s body…

Second Step – How to Draw the Hello Kitty’s Body

Now that you’ve drawn her head, the next thing to do is give your Hello Kitty drawing a body. And, keeping things symmetrical like before – the task is even easier if you make use of a simple centerline, dividing your drawing into left and right.

Just like this…

How to draw Hello Kitty - drawing the suspenders How to draw Hello Kitty - drawing the pants How to draw Hello Kitty - drawing the arms How to draw Hello Kitty - drawing the feet

Now, if you’re a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, the outfit that we’ve draw here might just not cut it. She has all sorts of different looks, and again – if she’s one of your favorite characters — you might have a particular look in mind. One that comes to mind is the ‘angel look’ where you can see her with a couple of angel wings extending from behind her back.

So – all finished your drawing? Very nice. Let’s take a look at what she looks like when complete…

Final Step – How to Draw Hello Kitty… Complete!

How to draw Hello Kitty cartoon picture

Minus the underlying framework (if you decided to use one) – our final drawing looks pretty darn nice… as simple and cute as ever, just like the character should be.

And now we’re all done, you might be thinking at this point — ‘How am I going to color her?"

Good question – and right off the bat, I’m thinking… PINK!!

Sure there are other colors you could go with (she looks pretty cute in red too actually) – but really — pink is the way to go when it comes to Hello Kitty.

Anything else? Nope! Congratulations, because you’re all finished. And there you have it — that’s how to draw Hello Kitty. Hope you enjoyed the lesson… come on back soon for another. 🙂