How to Draw Landscapes

So you want to learn how to draw landscapes?


These landscape drawing lessons will surely be helpful in creating some really nice-looking (and easy to create) backdrops for your many cartoons and characters.

And yes – much like with the actual subjects (animals, people, dragons, etc.)…

We can put together backgrounds based on the same ‘basic shape’ approach.

The only difference is that instead of focusing on the shapes that come together to form one specific body or thing…

Here we need to take into account – all components as they’re spread out across a specific area.

When it comes to learning how to draw landscapes then – can you think of some things you may want to include in a background?

Landscape Drawing

A good example – take a look at the cartoon valley pictured here. What simple shapes do you think, might come in to play?

Well, how about this…

The sun, is obviously a circle, of course. And the clouds too perhaps – they could actually be a series of overlapping circles and ovals.

And then for the mountains – maybe triangles? And maybe half circles/ovals for the hills/valleys?

For sure!

And how about the many trees? Circles again, will do quite nicely.

Simple stuff indeed!

Of course, there will be many times where one shape just won’t do.

It’ll be how you place your lines that counts. And it’s here in this section, with the help of simple tutorials – that you’ll learn how to make it all happen.

To learn how to draw landscapes like the one in the example here, please pick a lesson from the list below…

Beginner   |    Intermediate   |    Advanced


  • Cartoon Desert

    Draw a simple desert scene – one complete with sand dunes, a skull, a cactus, and the sun!

  • How to Draw a Beach

    Learn to create your very own tropical cartoon beach scene – one with turquoise waters and rolling waves.


  • Volcano Drawing Lesson

    Inspired by the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, draw your very own cartoon version, complete with a lake and a toucan!

  • Drawing of a Valley

    Pay attention to sequence and shape, as you map out a neat-looking valley landscape of your very own.