How to Draw Manga Eyes

How to draw manga eyes cartoon image

In some ways – learning how to draw manga eyes should be fairly easy to do. Still, I thought it would be better to bump this up to an ‘intermediate’ lesson as there are many different ways that manga-style eyes can look.

The examples here are only meant to serve as a guideline. Really, we could come up with fifty to a hundred more versions of different, and/or the same eyes. But I think in reference to these basic examples – you can have some fun coming up with your own variations – ones you can apply to your own style of manga characters – and well… your own style of drawing altogether!

That said – here’s how to draw manga eyes!

First Step – Draw a Simple Outline to Work From

Before you begin drawing the actual eyes themselves, it might help if you sketch out some ‘head’ guidelines to use as a reference. Below, I’ve done just that. From the top-left, working around clockwise to the bottom-left – there’s a girl, a woman/elf, a man, and a boy.

Anyway, here’s how to draw some simple guidelines. Oh – and remember to keep these lines super light — it’s the eyes to come afterwards that are important!…

How to draw manga eyes - a simple framework grid
How to draw manga eyes - outlining different faces
How to draw manga eyes - marking off the eye areas

Keeping to the curvature of each face, the green lines (yours still lightly sketched pencil marks) are there to mark off the relative position of each set. This can be quite helpful as keeping the left and right eyes symmetrical and hopefully – the same size!… is definitely something we’re after here.

Alright – guidelines sketched out? Good stuff. Let’s continue now, drawing each set of eyes in a series of simple-to-follow steps…

Second Step – How to Draw Manga Eyes

Beginning at the bottoms of each set of eyes, and working your way up and around from there – is a good way to go about it. You might find starting from the pupils and working your way out from there to be helpful as well. See what works for you, and use these examples to help you move forward.

Here’s how to draw four sets of manga eyes…

How to draw manga eyes - first lines
How to draw manga eyes - second lines including eyebrows
How to draw manga eyes - drawing the pupils
How to draw manga eyes - drawing the insides

And there you have it. Four sets of manga eyes, each unique in their own way. And of course, you can tweak each set to have a number of different variations — bigger or smaller, narrower or wider, circular or ovular, more or fewer eyelashes… the list is a long one! I encourage you to go back and sketch out a number of different looks until you get something you’re most happy with.

So are we done then? Nope! We’ve got to add some color — and some shine! Let’s do that now…

Final Step – Color Your Eyes and Give them Some ‘Shine’

Alright, for the final step of this how to draw lesson, let’s go ahead and finish off our manga eyes by adding some color, along with some shine. By ‘shine’ I of course mean – reflection — small white circles and ovals to help bring life to your characters.

Here’s how they look…

How to draw manga eyes - adding color
How to draw manga eyes - adding white for shine

And in the end, you’ve got some neat-looking manga eyes – ready to be added to a character or two of your own.

Well, now you have a pretty good idea of how to draw manga eyes in a fairly simple fashion. Keep practicing and see you again soon for another lesson! 🙂