How to Draw People Made Easy! – Part Three

How to draw people cartoon image

This is the third and final part in the How to Draw People Made Easy!drawing lesson. It’s here where we’ll finalize our cartoon people.

First thing then… have a look below at the cartoon people that we created in the first and second parts of the lesson. Take a moment to see how we went from stick people frameworks to cartoon people drawings. Compare them and note the differences.

In Part Two we succeeded in creating a cartoon person that was of very similar proportion to a real person. And while it still looked pretty neat – it’s still not the cartoon person we want. Too boxy and just not curvy enough.

Well, now you get the chance to create a cartoon person that is more curvy and you’ll have more freedom this time around when creating it (him/her). By the way, I’m going to keep mine a man as males are usually easier to draw then females. But we will certainly be looking at drawing females later on… I promise! 🙂

So then, are you ready for the last leg of the journey? Excellent! Here we go…

How to draw people cartoon family image

First Step – Curvy > Boxy!

The cartoon people that we drew in the last two parts of the lesson are too boxy! Curvy cartoon people look much better and so we need to find a way to draw them this way.

Take a look at the wooden figure drawing once more. See how curvy it is? The individual shapes that compose it are all pretty curvy, the same way that the parts of a real human being are.

Wooden figures like this one are great for artists who are drawing real-looking people. In Part Two, we made a simple stick person framework based on it, but instead of using curved shapes – we used rectangles as they’re easier to work with.

This time around, let’s use the same framework from before – based on the same wooden figure. But no rectangles this time. Let’s keep with the curved look of the figure and see if we can simplify it into a framework and/or outline that is symmetrical, proportional, and curved.. just like a human should be!

How will we do this? Ditch the rectangles and move on to circles and ovals…

Second Step – Replace the Rectangles with Circles and Ovals

In Part Two of How to Draw People Made Easy!, you came up with a very simple framework from which to draw your cartoon person. And although it was rather boxy with all those rectangles, it did the trick just fine.

How to draw people - ovals instead of boxes

Now – as we discussed above, it’s time to remodel this framework.

Using your rectangular framework as a guideline, go ahead and draw a new framework – one that uses circles and ovals for a more curved look.

As you’re drawing out your circles and ovals, remember that people come in different shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid to make yours different from mine – skinnier, thicker, etc.

To help you out, I decided to use a bright green when drawing the circles as it’s much easier for you to see. I suggest you lightly pencil out the rectangular version first. Then go over it with the circles and ovals in something darker… a pen perhaps. Easy to erase when you’re finished!

Got your circles and/or ovals mapped out? Nice. Let’s continue…

How to draw people - a more curved human drawing

Third Step – Make a Curved Outline

Once you’ve got your new framework composed of circles and ovals, create a simple "curvy" outline just like I’ve done on the left.

Again – don’t worry too much about making yours like mine. Use the circles as your guides… go with the flow and take your time. As long as it’s not boxy like the last one, you’re doing just fine! 🙂

Remember what I said in the second step? People come in all different shapes and sizes. So be sure to use the circles only as a guideline. Take your time as you carefully draw an outline that best suits the look of the person you plan to create.

All done? Great! You now have a simple, curvy outline to work from – one that will be very helpful in drawing your final cartoon person.

You’re just about finished now… time for the details!

How to draw people - adding details

Fourth Step – Adding Details that Really STAND OUT!

In the last part of the lesson, it was super easy adding details. A few simple lines and presto!… all finished.

You could do the same thing here with the more curved framework. And if you did, It would look something like what I came up with on the right. Start with a cross to map out the face and then fill in the other details keeping with the shape of the framework.

But this time around, we want really good-looking cartoon people! And if so, then we need give our detail some depth so that our cartoon people really stand out!

Take a look at the hair on the cartoon person to the right. Notice how it lines up perfectly with the outline. This is fine if we wanted our person to have a "superman/dracula-like" hairdo! But what if we wanted something a little different… a mohawk or an afro perhaps?

How to draw people - making your character unique

Check out the example to the left. Notice how I’ve added four separate details – each one deviating from the outline.

Have a look at the hair. This time, instead of drawing the hair perfectly inline with the outline like I did above and in Part Two, I’ve drawn it right over and beyond the outline.

And the same is true for the other details – a goatee, a necklace, and a tank top.

In your case, think about some details you’d like to add to your cartoon person. Then go to a separate area on the page you’re working on and do a little practice. Just like I’ve done – draw your details in. Use a different color pencil/pen and don’t worry about perfection. Just focus on mapping the details out using your outline as your guide.

OK… ready to add the final details? Great. First, I recommend you sketch your outline out once again, lightly and in pencil. Next, take out a pen and go over the outline with the desired details that you want to use, as well as any other areas you need to fill in.

When you’re done, erase the underlying outline to reveal the finished product! Here’s a "1-2-3" of how I created my own unique cartoon person…

How to draw people - a simple curved figure How to draw people - developing your character How to draw people - final cartoon character image

See how I only used the outline as a guide? It allowed me to keep proportion as I slowly changed the look of my person – making it uniquely mine… just the same as you did. How does yours look? Unique in your own way, I’m sure!

Well, only one last step remains… let’s compare our new cartoon person to the one’s in the previous lessons and then wrap things up.

Final Step – Compare and Review

Now that you’ve finally completed your cartoon person – one that looks the way a person is supposed to… compare it to the ones you completed in parts One and Two of this lesson.

How to draw people cartoon image

It’s pretty cool to see just how different they are and why this is so.

At this point, you can now better appreciate how using a simple framework is very helpful when drawing a cartoon person.

A simple stick person framework (Part One) yields an ultra-simple-looking character like the one in the first lesson.

Use a framework more in tune with the actual proportions of a human (Part Two), and your finished product looks – although boxy…more human.

Then, deviate from the boxy look by giving your framework curves in the form of circles and ovals. Here you can easily produce a cartoon person that truly does look the the way it should!

Well, I must say… this three-part cartoon people drawing lesson has been a blast! Keeping it simple at first and then working your way up to achieve a true "people" likeness is a really effective technique when learning how to draw.

I hope it helped you and I encourage you to branch off and see what other kinds of cartoon people you can create… maybe even a version of yourself! 😉

And that’s it! How to Draw Cartoon People Made Easy! completed. What’s next? As always, be sure to check back soon for some more new and exciting cartoon drawing lessons!