How to Draw Spiderman Cartoon Lesson

How to draw Spiderman cartoon image

Learning how to draw Spiderman – or a simplified cartoonish representation of him… can be a bit tricky. Unlike Batman and some of the other heroes, Spidey’s a bit more complex when it comes to the detail in his outfit. And as we well know – if we’re going to draw a superhero cartoon, it’s important to make sure we incorporate the character’s unique physical features.

With Spiderman, it’s the web-like pattern of lines laid over his suit that can be tricky. Here though, I’ve simplified things a bit so it’s easier for you to accomplish.

OK then – here’s how to draw Spiderman!

First Step – Draw a ‘Crouching Framework’ for Spidey

First up – go ahead and sketch a rough outline for your Spiderman drawing. Use a pencil and be sure to keep your lines nice and light. In my case below, I went ahead and marked off some of the key focus points that need to be taken care of in this lesson…

How to draw Spiderman - a simple stick person framework How to draw Spiderman - highlighting hands and feet

The parts seen in blue are – in my opinion – the relatively easier parts to get down with respect to drawing Spiderman in this position. The green parts on the other hand, can be a bit trickier – especially his outstretched right arm, hand poised in the ‘web slinging’ position.

Perspective comes into play here as his right arm is stretching out and in front of Spiderman, toward the observer. So, by making his right hand bigger than the left, we can achieve this effect in our drawing. The guideline that you sketch here should give you a jump start – enabling you to see how things will play out as we move forward.

OK, let’s get going – on to the actual drawing!

Second Step – How to Draw Spiderman… Head & Legs

How to draw the head? Simple! Just keep to the shape from your original framework. A simple oval, followed by a couple tear drop shapes for eyes and you’re all set.

Once you’re happy with Spiderman’s head, move on down to the ‘x’ – the spot to draw his emblem. There are different variations of how the spider emblem can look — pick one that you like and sketch it out. Here’s how it looks…

How to draw Spiderman - draw the head and symbol How to draw Spiderman - draw the legs How to draw Spiderman - continue drawing the legs How to draw Spiderman - complete the lower body

Because of the position of Spiderman’s body parts in this particular pose, it can be effective to draw some parts before others – in a particular sequence. So then, I recommend you save the torso and arms for last — right now, go ahead and focus on bringing the shape and position of his legs into view.

Looking OK up to this point? Alright… let’s keep moving – back up to draw Spiderman’s torso, arms and hands…

Third Step – How to Draw Spiderman’s Upper Body

Well, things are looking pretty good. Next up – begin to sketch in the upper part of Spiderman’s body, starting with a couple curved lines on either side of his emblem. It’s here you can really begin to appreciate the simplicity of creating simplified cartoon drawings – based on something that would normally seem much more complex.

Here’s how to draw Spiderman’s torso, along with his arms and hands…

How to draw Spiderman - draw the torso How to draw Spiderman - draw the left arm How to draw Spiderman - draw the outstreched hand How to draw Spiderman - complete the lines

So – how did you make out? Is your drawing beginning to look a bit more like Spiderman? Actually – at this point… minus the details, your character could easily pass for a ninja – or perhaps even some other famous hero… Dead Pool? Snake Eyes?

Let’s make Spiderman – Spiderman, by sketching in his trademark details…

Fourth Step – Sketch in Spiderman’s Outfit Details

In this phase of the lesson — now that you’ve got the general shape down, let’s tackle how to draw Spiderman’s outfit details, lines that once drawn – will truly capture the ‘essence’ of our character. In doing so, be sure to take your time.

If you compare these examples to an image of a comic book or movie Spiderman, you’ll notice that I’ve simplified certain areas to make him easier to draw. One thing in particular — the way the lines are drawn. And this is OK… just remember – we’re aiming for a ‘likeness’ to Spiderman and not necessarily perfection. We want people to look at our drawings and say – ‘Yup – that’s Spiderman alright!’

OK – the details…

How to draw Spiderman - begin the details How to draw Spiderman - draw the costume web design How to draw Spiderman - complete the web design How to draw Spiderman - finishing details

Beginning with the most simple of lines, and gradually working your way up from there… the ‘web-like’ look that defines our character begins to take shape. And in the end, you should end up with something like you see in the example number four from above.

Alright – let’s take a look at what Spiderman looks like, complete – and minus the underlying framework…

Final Step – How to Draw Spiderman, Complete!

Sweet! You’re done. A nice-looking simple cartoon spiderman drawing, ready to be colored.

How to draw Spiderman cartoon drawing image

One final touch – if you’d like to add it in – is to draw in some webbing, shooting out of Spiderman’s palm, just as I’ve shown in the image to the left.

It’ll require a bit of erasing in the hand area, but then again – because Spidey’s webbing is white, you could probably make it work quite well using a couple swipes of ‘white out’.

And there you have it, your superhero is finally complete!

Come on back soon for another lesson where we’ll tackle how to draw yet another famous superhero. I’ll keep this next one a surprise! 🙂