How to Draw Sunflowers

How to draw sunflowers cartoon image

Learning how to draw sunflowers is a pretty simple task. It’s only a few minor steps, but just to make sure you know exactly how to do it, I’ve broken it down for you even more.

Sunflowers especially are not only easy to draw, but fun to draw as well! They’re big bright and yellow and they always put a smile on people’s faces. Surely that’s because they resemble the sun… and who doesn’t love a bright sunny day? 🙂

Another thing too… once you learn how to draw one sunflower, I can almost guarantee you’re going to want to draw more. A field full of sunflowers is pretty nice looking site! So, once you get the basic idea down, I recommend drawing a whole bunch over a nice green field!

OK… let’s get going with the sunflower!

How to draw sunflowers - a circle framework

First Step – Circles and a Petal

Sunflowers start off by drawing two circles, a big one and a small one.

So go ahead and draw the first circle on the page in front of you. After that, draw a second circle. Make the second circle so that it fits just inside the first one and so that it’s centered. Now, instead of two circles, it looks more like a ring. That’s exactly what you want.

How to draw sunflowers - drawing the first petals

Once you’ve got the circles drawn, the next thing to do is begin drawing the petals of your sunflower.

A sunflower petal looks kind of like an oval that’s been stretched out, similar to a human eye. And like a human eye, it has two corners – one at each end. Take a look at the example to the right to see what I mean.

Alright, draw the first petal. Make sure that one corner is ever so slightly overlapping the circle. Once you’ve got the first petal into position, take out your eraser and get rid of the corner that overlaps the circle. When you do this, the petal appears to be emerging from beneath the circle.

Next, it’s on to the rest of the petals…

How to draw sunflowers - drawing many petals

Second Step – Draw the Other Petals

Alright, you’ve got one petal down – time to draw in the rest!

Just as you did with the first petal, do the same with all the others. Go all the way around the circle until you get back to the first petal. Go clockwise or counter-clockwise… your choice.

As you’re doing so, try your best to space the petals evenly. No, it doesn’t need to look perfect, but symmetry is important in having a nice-looking flower! So do your best.

How to draw sunflowers - fixing the center

Alright – looking good!

Take a look at your drawing. You might say it looks more like a "sun" at this point than an actual "sunflower"!

…and that’s exactly the way it should look. Next, you’ll draw in another layer of petals and it’ll start looking more like the sunflower it’s supposed to be. But hey, if you did happen to change your mind… and wanted to draw a sun instead of a sunflower, then stop now! You’re finished! 😉

How to draw sunflowers - overlapping the petals

Third Step – Second Layer of Petals

It’s time to give your sunflower a second layer of petals. This layer sits behind the first one and so you’ll only be able to see the very tips of the petals. This makes drawing the second layer pretty simple!

Just for the sake of comparison, I drew the first petal of the second layer, directly over the drawing. This gives you a better idea of what’s going on here.

Try to picture only the very tip of the petal – the part that peaks out from between the two petals in the first layer. That’s all you’ll be doing for each of the other petals of the second layer. How to draw sunflowers - fixing the overlap

Once you’ve got the first petal drawn (the tip that is… just like in the example to the right), go ahead and do the same thing all the way around the flower.

When you’re finished, it’ll look really cool… a lot more like the sunflower you’re trying to create!

Alright… almost finished now. All that’s left is to add a few minor details to show that this flower is in fact a "sunflower," and not some other type of flower. And this can be easily done with circles…

How to draw sunflowers - drawing more petals

Final Step – Small Circles for Detail

One last thing and your sunflower’s finished! Draw an assortment of small circles over the outer ring (the outer portion created by drawing one circle inside another). Draw as many as you like, and also, draw them to be different sizes.

These circles can later be colored yellow. Also, feel free to draw even more circles closer to the inner circle if you want as well. The closer to the inner circle you get, the more brown the circles should get. So color these ones brown.

Other than that, there’s not much else to do. Actually… that’s all there is to it! You’re done.

So, how does it look? Like a sunflower, right? Of course it does… and it really was a piece of cake!

Color the rest of your sunflower and if you like, draw several more as well. Heck, draw a whole field of sunflowers while you’re at it — the more the better!