How to Draw the Simpsons

Want to learn how to draw The Simpsons?

One of the best shows on American television – and an all-time favorite of mine too – it’s actually geared more towards adults, with its political innuendos and undeniable sarcasm.

A lot of kids appreciate the show.

Adults love it because it is a very witty parody of the lives that people live. They can relate to the satirical take on current issues that are being faced by the country and at the same time, people are able to relate to the situations in family life that are being shown and the characters as well.

Sometimes, the show comes off – even as a reflection (in some ways), as one’s own family.

Kids, on the other hand – love the show because the characters are simply adorable. Never mind if the characters have odd voices or wild hairdos. They are still overwhelmingly hilarious and also – as is the focus, here on this page of the site…

Not too difficult to draw! 🙂

Almost all of them have very large googly eyes and sharp noses.

Of course…

How to draw the Simpsons

Each character has a unique set of physical characteristics that you can focus on, like for example…

Their hair.

Marge has fabulous blue hair shaped like a very tall rectangle that is outlined by curly lines.

Lisa, Maggie, and Bart all have hair made up of triangles.

The only difference is that the girls’ triangle hairs are arranged in a semi-circle, while Bart’s triangle hairs seem to be resting upon a flat surface.

Homer is not that very challenging to draw, considering that he only has a few pieces of stringy hair that are neatly combed onto his pill-shaped head.

Coloring them is not a difficult feat either!

You would not need to have more than the basics. After all, they seem to be made up of just a little bit more than the primary colors.

Well, with that said – please take your pick below, and learn how to draw The Simpsons!

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