How to Draw Tree Monsters

How to draw tree monsters cartoon image

How to draw tree monsters? Cool!

And for sure they are – just like the ‘ents’ from the Lord of the Rings, or perhaps if you’re a gamer… the gnarled walkers and thorned striders from Diablo and Torchlight.

Here in this lesson, let’s draw our very own unique-looking monster – one that incorporates the examples on this page, for inspiration.

Remember – working through this lesson… be creative and ‘branch off’ 🙂 – tapping into your own ideas.

Never ever – when it comes to drawing… are there any limits.

How to Draw Tree Monsters

OK – so beginning with some very simple shapes then, go ahead and map out a simple framework (if this is something that helps)… one that includes a rectangle for the body, a circle for the pivoting base (where the tree’s legs will connect)…

And then some lines to indicate the location of its many legs/branches…

How to draw tree monsters - creating a simple framework

Here’s how it looks with the addition of the branches – again… completely random!

Don’t do what I do – do what you do! 🙂

How to draw tree monsters - adding branches to the framework

OK – eyes now.

Using the cross – position your eyes accordingly. You can make yours lower, higher, bigger, smaller – a different shape even.

Have fun with it…

How to draw tree monsters - drawing the eyes

Now it’s time to get super creative!

Using the framework as guide – begin to draw in some ‘tree like’ jagged lines, gradually bringing forward the face, as well as the left arm.

We begin with the left arm, as the tree monster turning slightly to its right…

How to draw tree monsters - drawing the face and arm

OK – how to draw a tree monster, continuing now…

Go up to its head area – draw some more jagged lines. And down to the leg area… doing the same.

Be random about it. There are infinite ways you can make your tree monster be unique…

How to draw tree monsters - drawing the upper and lower branches

Notice how we’re slowly working from right to left. Again – a bit of a 3D indicator here… it helps to leave those parts which occur further away from the observer – last.


Less need for erasing overlapping lines.

How to draw tree monsters - adding more branches

How to draw a tree monster… almost done now! 🙂

Another tip though — leave some spaces between the lines as you draw. This way, you go back when you’re finished – and again, without erasing… you can easily add in some details…

How to draw tree monsters - finalizing your drawing

Awesome! Now for the color…

How to draw tree monsters cartoon drawing image

So here I’ve added some color in Photoshop – along with some gradients and filters… something to give it an ‘all the more unique’ *and tree-like* look.

Very fun indeed! How did yours turn out?

And that’s – how to draw tree monsters! 🙂