How to Draw Wolverine from X-Men

How to draw Wolverine from X-Men image

Alright. Next superhero drawing lesson — how to draw Wolverine. And speaking of such… have you seen the new film? X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

A big comic book fan myself, I personally couldn’t wait to see it! Was pretty happy with Sabertooth especially – although Deadpool was a bit of a let down. All in all – a pretty decent flick!

Now then – on to the drawing lesson! And as you can see in the image above — this is all about ‘cartoonifying’ Hugh Jackman for a simple likeness of the hero he plays in the movie.

And here we go — how to draw Wolverine!

First Step – How to Draw Wolverine’s Frame

With more than a few ways to approach this character, I recommend starting out with a simple guideline like the one below — a stick figure, drawn with particular parts emphasized to help you out as you progress.

For ideas – check this out…

How to draw Wolverine - a simple framework How to draw Wolverine - lines for his claws

As always, feel free to jump to the lines right away. But of course – establishing structure… a little planning so to say early on… really can do a lot of good. Oh – and note the green lines above… markers to help position Wolverine’s claws — extensions of his adamantium skeleton.

So then – got a guideline to work with? Great! Let’s continue on with the lesson…

Second Step – How to Draw Wolverine’s Head

In drawing any character, hero or not – it makes sense to start off with the head — especially the eyes. Get this area complete first, and then move on down to the rest of his body. Here’s how to go about drawing his head, step by step…

How to draw Wolverine - drawing the face How to draw Wolverine - continuing with the face How to draw Wolverine - drawing the hair How to draw Wolverine - completing the head

You MIGHT be thinking – while drawing the head… about some other looks he can take on. Really, I’ve gone ahead and simplified things – less lines, and yes – less work all around. Making things easier for you to draw is what it’s all about! 🙂

The point then — feel free to ‘branch off’ and incorporate your own unique twists and turns as you progress. For example — consider putting some more flow and detail into his hair. Develop his mustache (not so visible) a bit more, and of course — consider changing his face around too.

That said – finish it off, and let’s move on to the next step!…

Third Step – How to Draw Wolverine’s Body

If you’ve worked through any of the other symmetrically designed lessons on the site, you’ll find that I like to work down the center first, and then gradually sketch in other parts in and around the center – reflecting on the left to right. Here, not much has changed.

Shirt collar, buttons, belt buckle, and so on — go ahead and draw the body of Wolverine, using the examples below to help you move forward… and for sure — take your time! 🙂

How to draw Wolverine from X-Men - drawing the buttons and buckle How to draw Wolverine from X-Men - drawing the coat How to draw Wolverine from X-Men - drawing his fists How to draw Wolverine from X-Men - finishing the coat How to draw Wolverine from X-Men - detailing the coat How to draw Wolverine from X-Men - drawing the pants How to draw Wolverine from X-Men - drawing the shoes and boots How to draw Wolverine from X-Men cartoon image

Above and to the right — the final drawing takes on a simplified version of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not at all perfect, and not necessarily the closest likeness, it does take into account – the core features that make Wolverine – Wolverine. The angled hair style, mean look, leather jacket, blue jeans – and of course — the claws!!

And the beauty of this is that regardless of how close it looks to the actual character, you now have extra input for ideas on how to go about making this hero uniquely your own!

OK – that’s it. That’s how to draw Wolverine. Hope you enjoyed the lesson! 🙂