How to Draw a Hummingbird

Hummingbird cartoon drawing image

Whenever I think (or see!) ‘hummingbird’ – an image of a very small, quick moving creature comes to mind. And seriously, you’ve got to be fast if you want to view one – especially if you’re taking a photo. They really are that quick!

This drawing lesson was inspired by a natural park I visited in Costa Rica. Aside from an amazing view of a giant waterfall – there were lots of these little guys flying around.

Hope you enjoy it!

How to Draw a Hummingbird

Moving through this lesson – beginning with the establishment of the framework, nailing down structure and form ahead of time (on paper or mentally)… keep in mind that there are numerous ways to approach drawing one of these.

What am I really saying?

Be creative and make it uniquely yours!

How to draw a hummingbird - a simple framework

The head and body in place, now go ahead and bring forth the extremities – wings, tail, beak – and yes…. notice just how long and soon-to-be skinny! it is…

How to draw a hummingbird - completed framework

Switching off the proposed framework, I’m liking a different style of beak – one that curves up and away like so…

How to draw a hummingbird - drawing the eyes and beak

Move on to further develop the head. No need to go crazy with details here… just ‘plant’ those parts which bring it into view.

How to draw a hummingbird - drawing the head

And going with the flow (of the curves) – bring your lines down to the body…

How to draw a hummingbird - draw the breast

Out to the wing. Notice again those curves – and the little feather spikes… little tweaks like this really help to give your drawing a unique look…

How to draw a hummingbird - drawing the wing

Mirroring – well not really… but drawing the right wing – here I’ve made sure to keep it smaller than the left one. Why? Well, tilted at a 3/4 angle – it would actually appear slightly smaller – as yes… it’s further away.

Of course – I’m not aiming for a ‘perfect look’. I just want something simple, and that helps to support my argument of ‘this bird is turned on an angle’. 🙂

How to draw a hummingbird - drawing the wings

OK – moving on to the finished drawing now, minus any framework lines (if you drew them), here’s what we’ve got. Subtle details really help to bring the hummingbird into view…

How to draw a hummingbird - finished lineart drawing

But just wait… check it out with a splash of color… WOW! Nice and bright as it should be…

How to draw a hummingbird cartoon image

And there you have it. That’s how to draw a hummingbird. Of course – there are different ways (positions, angles, etc.) – and I encourage you to experiment with them. Branch out, get creative, and have fun. Oh – and try different colors too!

Tomorrow is another day. And also – another lesson! 🙂